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Apps that pay you cashback for receipts

Apps that pay you cashback for receipts

In this post we are going to see a list of apps that pay you cashback when you upload receipts such as grocery receipts on to them.

These apps readily pay you some cash back for doing this simple task.


It also doesn’t seem that reasonable for an app to want to pay you for uploading grocery receipts on to it.

Turns out this is part of marketing data and  having access to individual customer data on how people spend is valuable for tons of companies. That’s why they do this to collect essential data from customers.

  • With this they see the products you buy most

  • The stores you frequent

  • The brands you buy

  • How much you spend when you buy and what

These receipt apps are not all going to behave and ask the same details from you. Each one is going to be slightly differen way. Also, if you’re someone worried regarding how your data is going to be used, its best not to sign up or thoroughly read the terms. The apps anonymize the data gathering so the individual credentials are never known.

More often than not, the data gathering tells them what the overarching trends are. If certain offers were popular with the masses or not and things like this.

You getting paid for receipts means the companies themselves need to generate sufficient cashflow on certain things themselves. This is the nitty gritty behind how these apps work and how they are able to fund their way to helping you.

Apps to Scan Receipts for Money Back

There are several apps that you can use to get cashback when you upload receipts. However ideally you want to be allotting space to more than one app in this niche.

So here are the recommendations

1. Ibotta

Ibotta is one of the best known receipt apps available online. The app has been around for a pretty long time and sports some of the best possible offers around as well. With a referral program you can also earn some extra money on the side. ItThe way this works is quite simple. Sign up and tick the offers you’re most interested in. Once done buy those products and scan out the receipts. With this you stand to get some good cashback.

There are other ways to earn money too. Make a few in app purchases to get started or use the loyalty card to start shopping.

Checkout 51 ($5 Bonus)

Checkout51 is another great grocery cashback app you can use. Similar in nature to Ibotta with couple of differences.

Listed in both USA and Canada you can redeem against any store both offline and online.

Ibotta is going to work really well with Checkout 51

There are also other apps like the one we saw above.

Once you start using these apps and get some cashback that’s new opportunity for you and you begin to realize the opportunity before you.

There are more apps that can help.

Some apps are way better than others.


Shopkick is another cool app that pays you to scan receipts. You can also earn by scanning barcodes and also by simply visiting a few stores. That’s not all, if you link one your credit cards with the app and make purchases with that, you earn cashback credits.

  • Just like apps like Swagbucks that pay you for activities, this app too pays you for stuff like watching videos.

  • You also earn when making purchases through the app. There are also treasure hunts and a referral program to invite friends.

Receipt Hog

ReceiptHog pays you for uploading almost all kinds of receipts. There’s no target store to buy or purchase from. Or a target product to buy,

There are several problems with the app. You have no clue regarding the amount going to be credited for each receipt. Also the amount per receipt isn’t great. It can be a few cents to just over a dollar.


With savingstar there are 2 ways to get cashback.

  • There are offers to activate where you standto upload receipts and earn some cashback on that. There are also automatic stores where you earn cashback by linking together store loyalty cards.

  • With automatic stores earn cashback just linking together store loyalty cards and remembering to use them when at checkout. This gets you cashback.

There’s also a bunch of Always on offers that you can simply activate once and from then on whenever you make a purchase, that automatically qualifies you to earn reward points.

Fetch Rewards

FetchRewards is getting a lot of popularity  lately, PPrimarliy because there are no restrictions on the number of receipts you can upload. Shop whatever and whenever to get credits on each purchase. As you earn these credits against receipts you canr edeem them against hundreds of different reward options available.


ReceiptPal lets you upload receipts. Connect your Amazon account whenever any receipts appear on the site or on your email. There are also sweepstakes as well.

8. CoinOut

Coinout is where you can upload receipts from almost any retailer offline and at the same time earn cashback from online sites through offers and being a member of the Coinout app.

You not only get gift cards but also can casho out the amount in the form of real money to bank or PayPal accounts too.

. Makeena

Makeena is similar in function to BerryCart. They promote healthy products. The grocery app helps you shop at both online and offline retailers.

As payout options you can either cash out through PayPal or through Venmo. You will get cahs in exchange for receipts. However the amount minimum cash out is $20.

Coupons is another similar app where you get a lot of free coupons that you can stack up against each other and have more offers when scanning receipts.

You can also print coupons with them.


Caddle is exclusively for Canadians.

With this app there are new cashback offers every thursday and you get to cash in once you have reached $20

In addition to completing surveys you need to scan receipts to get money.


You must have heard the name Ebates at least once in your life. And why won’t you? There’s at least 40 percent cashback offer with tie ups exceeding 2500 different stores as well.

THere are plenty of opportunities.

When doing shopping compare and contrast the price on Ebates first and use the extension to get cashback as soon as available.


Swagbucks is a popular get paid to do stuff site. You can watch videos, you can click on ads, you can shop and all round you get paid for all that work.

The offers are different and sometimes better. That’s one reason people tend to sign up for both to earn the most.

It’s better for you to compare both and see which side offers the best beenfits.

With its own extension you get cashback alerts too.


Paribus gives you price alerts. No one wants to buy something at the full price only to notice that the price fell by a lot later down the road.

It often happens more times than you can count that you purchase something off the internet and a few days later witness its price going down. As frustrating as this can be we had no insurance against this. However there’s a way to get rid of this annoyance

How? Sign up with your email and all the purchases are now monitored by Paribus.

When the price drops on hotel booking or anything else for that matter, Paribus will negotiate with the retailer to get the difference back to you. The shipping times are also monitored so that you get a nice refund as well.


Drop is simple. Link your cards to the app, select the stores and you get the cash back immediately when you make purchases.

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