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Apps that pay you to walk 2020


Apps that pay you to walk


SweatCoin is an app with which you can walk outside and get paid for it while you do so.

Walking outside your house alone counts and inside doesn’t really matter at all when it comes to earning money with the said app.


Here’s the process how it works:

Sweatcoin gets you .95 Sweatcoins when you take 1000 outdoor steps. These Sweatcoins that you gain are similar to cryptocurrencies and you can use those coins to redeem rewards within the Sweatcoin app. You can also send these rewards over to your friends.

You earn these rewards and the rewards are new and changing daily so you get a lot of choice and can use those points toward something you really like.

Carrot 2.0

Carrot a Canada based app has been around since 2015 but was partially shut down in 2019 because they ran out of funds.

However they have been since relaunched.

Carrot 2.0 has been undertaken by new owners and is in waitlist. You can sign up only by joining the waitlist of the app.


This is how the app works and gets you points for earning.

There are several main features of the Carrot app. Primarily the step challenges.

The main feature of Carrot are the step challenges. That means you can decide a goal for the number of steps you want to reach in a day and Carrot will keep that as a challenge. This isn’t some random estimate. The app takes over a week to analyze the number of steps you take and arrives at a step goal. So it can be an individually tailored number from few thousands to to hundreds.

Once the step goals are determined you start earning points. Once you hit step goals and complete step up challenges by meeting goals you can also invite friends for participant challenges where you can challenge a friend and see how it goes.

Along with this there are more avenues to earn points by completing small health surveys.

You earn points for shopping

There are scene points that enable you to get free movies

You get petro points

And again you get aeroplan miles as well.

You get scene points and a 1000 such points means a free movie ticket. That means free movies for you to watch.



Runtopia is an app designed to help you achieve your fitness goals and gets you rewards when you do so.

With Runtopia set exercise goals for running for walking and for cycling. You also have a coach guiding you when you conduct your workouts.

With training programs built in the app you can warm up, stretch, lose weight and also do more such things.

Some of these features need you to have premier membership but some of the functions are free to use as well.

With Runtopia complete daily tasks in the app and participate in the community to earn Sports coins. These coins can be redeemed against products, against memberships, coupons, and also you can get PayPal cash.

Sports coins have an annual duration and expire after March 1st.


LifeCoin is quite similar to SweatCoin in what it does. The functions and feature sets are same. You can earn Lifecoins for steps outside your home and as a free user you earn 5 Lifecoins.

Here are several differentiating features of SweatCoin.

You can upgrade and earn more than 10 Lifecoins in a day. This is possible if you shell out $4.33 per month. You also get premium access to other top apps from their shelf with the Azumio premium subscription.

Lifecoin presents you with a big assortment of gift cards to choose from. Or you can redeem the coins against a variety of products like airpods, a quadcopter, beats headphones. These rewards are never constant and get updated every now and then. Also these rewards are given out on a first come first served basis so that means you might not be able to get something you planned for long. However the variety and richness of the catalogue more than makes up for it.


Achievement is a great app that rewards you for a number of activities. You can do a lot of healthy activities. 

When you sign up you get 100 free points. 

Achievement has another splendid feature in that you can link other health apps. There are over 29 different apps to choose from and once you link these apps you can start earning points from these apps doing stuff you already are doing.

There are different ways to earn money with Achievement instead of walking alone and so the number of ways to do this are more too. Once you earn over 10000 points you can redeem it for $10.


StepBet is different from other similar apps on the list because there’s some risk with them. You not only get paid to walk, you also get paid to do a number of different things. Instead of just walking you can bet on yourself and compete against other players to win.

Here’s how the whole thing works.

Once you sign up to StepBet you can connect the fitness tracker and walk more steps than your daily goals. As you walk more and take yourselves up for a challenge you can set different goals and join games and make bets for over $40

Once you make a step goal you must hit those goals 6 times each week otherwise you will lose.

Charity Miles

Charity Miles doesn’t exactly pay you to walk. It doesn’t mean there’s no money or walking involved. Instead when you walk you will get paid for earning for your favorite charities.


Charity miles members have earned 2.5 million dollars walking, and running.

Ther are 42 differenten charities listed.. Pick one. Charity miles app measures distance you walked and donates the money earned based on how far you went.

It’s pretty simple.

There are 8 sponsors who repurpose the advertise budget for charity. So that these sponsors pay directly to charities instead of earning something for themselves.


Lympo doesn’t simply pay you for steps. Lympo does a number of things. They not only pay you for steps but also for walking or for running challenges as well.

As a result of this more and more challenges get added and the app gets updated. On completing each challenge you earn LYM tokens. You can redeem these tokens and get rewards for the same.

You can participate in these challenges either inside your home, on the outside, on a treadmill, or anywhere else for that matter. You can also connect different health trackers and make it even easier for you to track the step.s

When you want to redeem the tokens you can only redeem them against products of the moment.

These tokens hold currency value and in the future might be able to redeem against dollars was well. You can withdraw these tokens to a wallet too.

You can also get Amazon gift cards and other products as bonus.


PK Rewards

Pk Rewards was known as PK coins before and you will get paid for walking, doing simple exercises among other things. If you’re doing any sort of physical movement, you will earn with these apps.

You can run walk, or do simple things like that and connect the app for it to record all these things that you do that.

The rewards app connects with bluetooth trackers. Once you start exercising or walking, click on start earning and the app will start tracing your journey and will reward you automatically.

Once the workout is done and over with you can hit that button and it will stop tracking. The more exercise you do the more you get rewards and the more you earn. There are several brands like Amazon and Nike to choose from.


Walgreens Balance Rewards

Wallgreens Balance rewards program is a boon for those who shop frequently at Walgreens. You may not know this but Walgreens has a super cool balance rewards program. You can earn more of these points by simply walking.

When you walk you earn 20 points. You earn over 1000 points a month when you walk. These points all have cash value. For every 1000 points you get $1 off purchase.



Fitpotato is a great app with which you can do your normal regular walking and get cash for free. With FitPotato you can bet on yourself and get a chance to accrue a greater reward.


Here’s how the whole thing works. There’s a cash prize pool which is around $1000. To win that money money you need to place a bet of $5 on yourself.To get a shot at winning that money you need to complete the steps required to complete 6000 steps.


At the end of each you need to sync the steps with your app. Once you complete 3 sessions you get a share of that money.



Earthmiles is an easy to understand concept that pays Earthmiles when you walk run or bike.


The uniqueness of the app comes from the fact that there are harder exercises that pay you earthmiles in greater numbers.

You can get 1 earthmile for 1 km walking, 1 km of running gets 5 earthmiles and 1 km cycling 3 earthmiles.

These earthmiles can be spent on friendly and health oriented rewards. These rewards get updated each week, getting you discounts, supplements and other things.


Fit For Bucks


This is another simple app that rewards for simple movements like walking or running.

When you get more rewards you can redeem them.

Walk 30000 steps and get a 30 min massage for free.


Get a 16oz smoothie with 50000 steps

You get a cup of coffee for 35000 steps

The rewards are from LA merchants but more cities will get added soon.

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