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Apps that pay you cashback for receipts

Apps that pay you cashback for receipts

In this post we are going to see a list of apps that pay you cashback when you upload receipts such as grocery receipts on to them.

These apps readily pay you some cash back for doing this simple task.


It also doesn’t seem that reasonable for an app to want to pay you for uploading grocery receipts on to it.

Turns out this is part of marketing data and  having access to individual customer data on how people spend is valuable for tons of companies. That’s why they do this to collect essential data from customers.

  • With this they see the products you buy most

  • The stores you frequent

  • The brands you buy

  • How much you spend when you buy and what

These receipt apps are not all going to behave and ask the same details from you. Each one is going to be slightly differen way. Also, if you’re someone worried regarding how your data is going to be used, its best not to sign up or thoroughly read the terms. The apps anonymize the data gathering so the individual credentials are never known.

More often than not, the data gathering tells them what the overarching trends are. If certain offers were popular with the masses or not and things like this.

You getting paid for receipts means the companies themselves need to generate sufficient cashflow on certain things themselves. This is the nitty gritty behind how these apps work and how they are able to fund their way to helping you.

Apps to Scan Receipts for Money Back

There are several apps that you can use to get cashback when you upload receipts. However ideally you want to be allotting space to more than one app in this niche.

So here are the recommendations

1. Ibotta

Ibotta is one of the best known receipt apps available online. The app has been around for a pretty long time and sports some of the best possible offers around as well. With a referral program you can also earn some extra money on the side. ItThe way this works is quite simple. Sign up and tick the offers you’re most interested in. Once done buy those products and scan out the receipts. With this you stand to get some good cashback.

There are other ways to earn money too. Make a few in app purchases to get started or use the loyalty card to start shopping.

Checkout 51 ($5 Bonus)

Checkout51 is another great grocery cashback app you can use. Similar in nature to Ibotta with couple of differences.

Listed in both USA and Canada you can redeem against any store both offline and online.

Ibotta is going to work really well with Checkout 51

There are also other apps like the one we saw above.

Once you start using these apps and get some cashback that’s new opportunity for you and you begin to realize the opportunity before you.

There are more apps that can help.

Some apps are way better than others.


Shopkick is another cool app that pays you to scan receipts. You can also earn by scanning barcodes and also by simply visiting a few stores. That’s not all, if you link one your credit cards with the app and make purchases with that, you earn cashback credits.

  • Just like apps like Swagbucks that pay you for activities, this app too pays you for stuff like watching videos.

  • You also earn when making purchases through the app. There are also treasure hunts and a referral program to invite friends.

Receipt Hog

ReceiptHog pays you for uploading almost all kinds of receipts. There’s no target store to buy or purchase from. Or a target product to buy,

There are several problems with the app. You have no clue regarding the amount going to be credited for each receipt. Also the amount per receipt isn’t great. It can be a few cents to just over a dollar.


With savingstar there are 2 ways to get cashback.

  • There are offers to activate where you standto upload receipts and earn some cashback on that. There are also automatic stores where you earn cashback by linking together store loyalty cards.

  • With automatic stores earn cashback just linking together store loyalty cards and remembering to use them when at checkout. This gets you cashback.

There’s also a bunch of Always on offers that you can simply activate once and from then on whenever you make a purchase, that automatically qualifies you to earn reward points.

Fetch Rewards

FetchRewards is getting a lot of popularity  lately, PPrimarliy because there are no restrictions on the number of receipts you can upload. Shop whatever and whenever to get credits on each purchase. As you earn these credits against receipts you canr edeem them against hundreds of different reward options available.


ReceiptPal lets you upload receipts. Connect your Amazon account whenever any receipts appear on the site or on your email. There are also sweepstakes as well.

8. CoinOut

Coinout is where you can upload receipts from almost any retailer offline and at the same time earn cashback from online sites through offers and being a member of the Coinout app.

You not only get gift cards but also can casho out the amount in the form of real money to bank or PayPal accounts too.

. Makeena

Makeena is similar in function to BerryCart. They promote healthy products. The grocery app helps you shop at both online and offline retailers.

As payout options you can either cash out through PayPal or through Venmo. You will get cahs in exchange for receipts. However the amount minimum cash out is $20.

Coupons is another similar app where you get a lot of free coupons that you can stack up against each other and have more offers when scanning receipts.

You can also print coupons with them.


Caddle is exclusively for Canadians.

With this app there are new cashback offers every thursday and you get to cash in once you have reached $20

In addition to completing surveys you need to scan receipts to get money.


You must have heard the name Ebates at least once in your life. And why won’t you? There’s at least 40 percent cashback offer with tie ups exceeding 2500 different stores as well.

THere are plenty of opportunities.

When doing shopping compare and contrast the price on Ebates first and use the extension to get cashback as soon as available.


Swagbucks is a popular get paid to do stuff site. You can watch videos, you can click on ads, you can shop and all round you get paid for all that work.

The offers are different and sometimes better. That’s one reason people tend to sign up for both to earn the most.

It’s better for you to compare both and see which side offers the best beenfits.

With its own extension you get cashback alerts too.


Paribus gives you price alerts. No one wants to buy something at the full price only to notice that the price fell by a lot later down the road.

It often happens more times than you can count that you purchase something off the internet and a few days later witness its price going down. As frustrating as this can be we had no insurance against this. However there’s a way to get rid of this annoyance

How? Sign up with your email and all the purchases are now monitored by Paribus.

When the price drops on hotel booking or anything else for that matter, Paribus will negotiate with the retailer to get the difference back to you. The shipping times are also monitored so that you get a nice refund as well.


Drop is simple. Link your cards to the app, select the stores and you get the cash back immediately when you make purchases.

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50 money saving tips you can get started with now

50 money saving tips you can get started with now

 time to get started with the money-saving tips.

1. Build an Emergency Fund

With an emergency fund you have a strict amount of money that you plan on using only during an emergency and not before.

WIth this money this saves you for an emergency situation. With cash saveed up, you need not go into debt for paying for emergencies.

Stick with a budget

Almost anyone can make a budget but sticking with it is an altogether different story. To have personal finance success you need to stick with it.

A budget is important because it gives you a strong idea regarding monetary outflows. You get to know exactly where your money goes each month, how much you’re making and everything else.

Decide what you want to do with the money with a goal

It’s easier to save and make sacrifices if you know exactly what you’re going to get with it. Goals are motivating and help your journey towards something worth achieving.

These are the most important points to note when goal setting.

  • The goals should be specific. You need to be able to decide the exact amount you want to save.
  • The goals can be both long term or short term. Think of both. The short term goals should be really easy to achieve. And these short term goals should take you closer to what you really want
  • It’s difficult to understand if you’re progressing in the right direction if you don’t keep track of your goals. You need to measure progress and come up with new plans and strategies.

Start Earning Cash Back

One of the smartest ways and the way which takes the least effort is to use cashback sites and apps to save money that you’d have otherwise lost. It is still worth it.

  • Ebates – Ebates formerly known as Rauketen is one of the best sites to earn cashback. Integrates with 2100 stores and free 10 dollar bonus if you sign up with my link./
  • Drop Drop gets you cash back at your fav stores if you link the credit card. It doesn’t require any receipt scanning either. 

Save money on grocery shopping

Groceries generally consume a big portion of our budget but there are ways to save money on groceries. One easy way to save on groceries is using a credit card that get syou cashback on that. Or using store cards that give you cash back.

Pay less money on bills 

Bills seem a  necessary condition of human existence. All of our lives is spent paying off those bills.

You can reduce your bills by learning how to negotiate on those bills. You only need to place a few phone calls to make this happen.

However if you don’t want that you can always sign up for Trim and let them do the negotiation for you.

Invest in meal planning

One of the prime money saving tips is to invest time into meal planning. Buying stuff in bulk when they’re cheap saves a lot of money for you and you can do this over and over again. Planning meals helps you minimize waste as well.

You can use the weekend to prepare meals for the week coming ahead. You save both time and money.

  • This way you reduce the number of trips to the grocery store.
  • You throw out less food.
  • You can do more stuff you like because you planned meals in advance.

Get rid of Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt is not something you’d want to keep for long. Why? The interest rates are outrageous to say the least.

The interest rates are in the range of 40 percent apr. So get them off as soon as possible.

Get a personal finance app

The days are long gone when you could scribble something in the notepad and plan about making a budget and your finances. These days there are budgeting, spend tracking apps that automate a lot of saving. It saves time and that’s why is less painful. It’s difficult to decide which one to pick because there are so many choices.

Here are some of the best:

  • You Need a Budget – This app isn’t free but well worth it. Whatever you need, consider the feature is already there
  • Min is free and good at tracking and for simple buidgets.

Use Paribus

Paribus is something that lets you forget regrets.

This often happens that you purchase something and a few weeks later the price goes down. To avoid such problems and get the benefit of the price change simply send an email to the store and they will send back the difference to you.

Paribuns automates this by negotiating with the store for you.

The thing is after purchase you are never going to go back and see the reduction in price. Paribus automates even that and negotiates for you. So you save a lot of money that way.

Use Cash

The benefit of using cash is you know how much you’re spending and tend to spend less. With credit card people tend to spend more since there are no limits and you can spend what you want.

Don’t use the cable. 

On average you pay $100 a month for cable. That is you nearly shell out 1200 dollars a year. And in most cases cable isn’t worth the money.

  1. You can cancel it 
  2. Or you can choose for a lower subscription pack or you can choose for a negotiated bill with Trim

Throw out what you don’t need

There are things in your house that have been there forever. How much of it do you really need?

If you clean your house you will discover that there’s a ton of things you no longer use and can sell on craigslist or ebay. It’s junk lying around your house and that which you can use to get some profit.

20. Cut Your Own Hair

If you can cut your own hair, you will save at least a 100 dollars in costs. You will also save both time and money.

Buy Used to Save Money

To save more money go with second hand stuff. This way you’re going to be able to save tons of money. The quality won’t suffer either.

Workout at Home

Most people have gym memberships they never use. They spend a thousand dollars or more a year in a gym membership. However the struggle may not always be worth it.

Look into ways to save costs both inside and outside home with the help of workout apps.

Fix Things Yourself

This is something I live by. I wasted hundreds of dollars trying to get the repair man fix my sony laptop. And everytime he did, it went undone in less than a month. If you don’t want the same thing happening to you, you need to learn and fix stuff on your own. Its easy with Youtube. Learn all kinds of art making and DIY crafting with youtube.

Spend on quality

Saving money isn’t about being a cheapo and not spending anything at all. It’s also about spending money wisely.

Instead of spending 10 dollars on something that doesn’t last spend on something that lasts long.

Take Advantage of Promos

If yoiu want to shop and buy something, learn that most stores will get great promos to first time users. A lot of these stores are offering discounts if you are part of their email lists too.

Use the 24 hour rule

If you are about to make a big purchase, before pushing the buy button sit out the decision for a period of 24 hours. This helps you decide if the purchase is worth the money or not. If you still buy after 24 hours the purchase is well worth it. Otherwise not.

For other purchases wait for 30 days.

Don’t Fast Food

Fast food isn’t good for you. It’s bad for health.

And fast food can quickly add up to a lot.

Instead of binging on fast food, make more portions of your meals and freeze those or cook healthy snacks. Thats better.

Pack a Lunch

Instead of purchasing lunch at work which isn’t great for the wallet, go to someplace where you bring your lunch. Taskeout lunches cost thrice the amount you’d make on your own and that’s how you save that much money.

Move Somewhere Cheaper

Rent is something you’re sploshing on right?

It’s no good to spend so much money on rent needlessly. Bigger house means more money on upkeep and other things. You’re going to be much happier in a small house.

Start a Kitchen Garden

A kitchen garden is more than a hobby and can save you tons on groceries every year. After planting all it takes is watering and fertilizing and you can have all the vegetables you want.

You can also grow crops in a terrace garden.


If you are regularly going to office one of the ways to save some money is through carpooling. There are people transiting through the same route and you can carpool on Uber or Lyft to save money.

Do It Yourself

There are additional things in the house you can do to save money. You can do DIY and other things.

Maintain the car

Car maintenance means regular upkeep of the car so that it doesn’t disappoint you later down the road.

Don’t ignore weird noises. It could be that the visit to the mechanic has come calling.

Regularly maintain the car. That saves a lot of money for you.

Check Your Credit Report for Free

The credit report tells others and you how good you are at managing youf finances. Applying for a new loan or card means companies are going to pull that report.

They will check the report. Credit report is essential. It’s important to maintain a good score and accessing credit reports generally costs a lot of money.

Use credit sesame with such tools check the credit report for free.

Save Money on Travel

Travelling is generally expensive. You can save money though.

Water is great

Water is great for health and also saves money. Instead of opting for soda drink a glass of water to savemoney. Also avoid plastic packs of water.

Work From Home

Working from home has a number of benefits chief of which is it saves you commuting costs. It isn’t for all but if you do work from home the savings can be great.

  1. There are couple of ways to save money with this. Less commuting means less money spent on gas and also on maintaining the car since it runs less.
  2. The second thing is with working from home you are eliminating the need to go for lunch or coffee all of which adds up to a big amount.

Use Programmable Thermostat

With a programmable thermostat you can save a ton on energy bills. If that doesn’t seem like a lot think of it this way. If you’re spending huge amounts on gas and electricity using a programmable thermostat can result in huge savings annually.

Refinance Your Student Loans

Mostly we tend to end up paying big interests on student loans. If the interest rate is above 6% you should look into refinancing student loans. Otherwise you are going to end up paying more than what you should really pay.

ake Online Surveys

Taking surveys doesn’t save money but helps you make some.

It’s a clean and easy way to make some money online. Surveys are mostly easy and only take a few minutes of your time. Once you fill up those you can save money and make money.

Go to staycations

Instead of booking hotels for expensive hotels explore your own land.

Use Airbnb

Airbnb is a fun way to find houses or apartments to stay at.

Start Investing

If your money isn’t growing your are losing money. There are tons of options that let you save money.

You could use roboadvisors to handle the bulk of work for you.

Get Swagbucks

With Swagbucks there are plenty of options to make extra. There’s a discovery and shopping seciton on Swagbucks that lists a variety of deals.

These sections have deals where you can get a lot of cashback.

Keep track of transactions

Almost every week or so keep track of your transactions. This way you where exactly you are spending money on

Also always pay your credit card due bills in full.


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18 sites that pay to test sites and apps


What does app or website testing mean?

To test websites entails you doing a number of things. Primarily it involves testing how the website performs online. Or how the app performs.

You are going to interact with the site in a normal way as regular users do. But you need to test if the user experience you get is great.

With user tests you need to record the screen with the voice so that you can give feedback as you progress on.

More complex jobs means you need to be testing for bugs. So you will be performing tests to the point the site breaks. You are looking for technical bugs in this case. This pays more.

As you find issues you can report and get paid. However bugs aren’t easy to discover and still harder to get the bounty.

Here are all the things you need to start testing sites online

The first thing is the computer, an internet connection, microphones and also webcams

Most tests will require English too.

Usertesting is one of the most reputed sites that pay for testing jobs. It pays from $10 to $100 and while that may not always be a great deal of money it surely can tally up to a lot.

  • By signing up for plenty of sites you stand to earn more. This way you will get better rating as well. If the rating is high you get more jobs. You get better feedback and you only need to follow the stated guidelines.

Sites that pay you to test websites and apps

1. User Testing

UserTesting is a popular site where you can test websites and get paid for the same.

Do a practice test and you get a number of paid tests. When you do these tests make sure you put in the entire effort and real value as you will get reviews based on this.

The way you voice thoughts should be loud as well. If you want to do a paid test you need to qualify by passing a screener exam. Customers want specific users for specific tests.

You can qualify 1 or 2 tests a week. Once done you get $10 per test.

There are also live tests which are done live and when talking to you. That is paid on a dollar per minute rate.


The next website on the list is UTest because there’s a lot more features and things on the site and it can all appear a bit too crowded for anyone’s taste. Once you start spending some time with it, the interface becomes familiar.

uTest gets you a number of opportunities if you are willing to invest time into the patform.

Mostly what you are going to do is hunt for bugs in codes. The payment differs but expect to make at least $5 per bug discovered.

When you sign up you are not going to get paid jobs right off the bat. You need to wait 2 weeks in the practice tests to complete before you get paid tests. Build up rating and you will get more test invites too.


Whatusersdo sign up process is quite simple. Download the screen recording tool and take part in a practice test. That’s as simple as it gets. Once signed up start receiving around  5 tests in a month. These are sent to your email Once you complete the tests and provide good feedback you will get more test.

Each test gets you $5

4. User Test

With usertest you can sign up with just your email. No passwords needed. For every completed test, within 2 days you will get paid $10.

It’s an invite only platform that accepts just 5% submissions. So the tests and the platform itself is quite exclusive.


Enroll is markedly different because ther’es no need for mics or webcams to record the tests. The tests are simple. Compare two pages or click somewhere on the page. You can take the tests on phone, mobile and other devices.

The tests are easy to do and also pay quite less. Starting at 10 cents and tapping at 1 to 2 dollars.

Over 367688 tests were completed on Enroll


Userfeel requires 10 minutes for a test or little more and each test nets you $10. Take the tests on smartphones or computers. There’s also a qualification test and ther’s the faq which is a must read to get a feel of the platform.

7. StartUpLift

Startuplift is another similar site that doesn’t require a mic or screen recording software either. Head to the site. Get and finish some tasks and provide a written response.

If the response is approved as high quality you get $5

8. TryMyUI

With trymyUI you get a few tests every week. This takes no more than 20 mins and pay 10 dollars each. The tests require your screen and voice and demand a written response at the end as well. The test you submit is reviewed and the payment is sent via PayPal.


Userlytics is another platform for testing. You can do both web and mobile app testing.

You get $10 per test the payments are sent through PayPal.


Testingtime conducts tests on Skype where your voice and face is recorded.

The tests might go over an hour and you get $50 per test. You get paid in around 10 days with paypal.

11. UserZoom

UserZoom requires users to speka out loud with screens and recorded tests. There’s also survey tests. Before you get paid work you need to take sample tests. You also need to be over 18 to get access of the paltform. The recorded tests pay $10 and take 15 minutes.

The survey type take 5 minutes and pay $5. You get payment in 21 days.


Validately offers aloud tests and moderated live tests. The tests take just 5 minutes and and pay around $10. The moderated tests demand 30 minus and require a webcam and pay around $25.

13. UserCrowd 

The tests are super simple and pay only 10 cents per test.

These tests only include clicking around on the site and answering questions and navigating. This is stuff that can be done in few seconds alone.

If you do tests that are 10 in number you get a dollar a day and $30 a month.

However there may not be that many days. You can payout after accruing 100 credits.


Ubertesters only have apps for testing and not sites. If you want o jin you need a smartphone. You also need some experience to partake.

15. Loop11

To be a tester take a sample test where you need to record the webcam screen and the mic. 

It is more exclusive and also provides you with more number of opportunities.

16. UserBrain

Userbrain lets you tests suits on most platforms. With the screen recording and mic recording enabled.

You need to take a small test to get approved after which you will start getting tests. You get $3 per test which is markedly lower than most other sits.

Make and cahs out via Paupal.


Testbirds is another software testing platform.

The testbirds usability test oats nearly $25 usd

For bugs you find you get more money . There’s also free training for you.

18. User Interviews

User Interviews aren’t just about testing. However There are a vast number of testing jobs.

Generally you might get $125 for a 60 minute test where you need to complete a 1 on one interview. The paid usability test is something you will find across listings.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

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2 in 1 led scooter for $49

  • The 2 in 1 led scooter.

    This kids’ 2-in-1 LED Scooter, originally listed at $69.95, drops to $47 at Amazon. Plus shipping is free. That’s the best price we could find by $23. It features an adjustable seat and handlebars. The seat can also be removed entirely. The scooter can support kids up to 110 pounds and is available in seven colors. Sales tax is charged in most states.

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70% off at Macy’s

70% off at Macy’s

On Macy’s you stand to get 70 percent off on women’s clearance coats andjackets.


If you spend more than $25 shipping is free. The promo includes a number of coats that usually cost over $400


Sales tax is charged in most states.

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Qmee app rewards program

Qmee app rewards program

It’s a survey site where you can earn money for completing surveys.

That said the better fleshed up your profile on the site is, the better the odds of getting surveys that match your profile. This gives you the benefit of not getting disqualified from the surveys.

When something changes with regards to you, update the same on your Qmee profile. THere are general questions to answers as you fill out the profile.

Qmee Surveys

There are different types of Qmee surveys there are game surveys, political questions and surveys around shopping and banking.

Some Qmee surveys also mandate webcams and that’s why there’s more pay for them.

Qmee has more surveys than most companies because they go to different companies to collect surveys and get a lot of them. There’s always a good supply to research. And the more surveys you answer the better your earnings are going to be.

The Daily Poll

The Qmee daily poll is your surest chance of getting inside a survey. Qmee users can participate in the survye. Doesn’t get any simpler.

The daily poll begs only a few seconds of attention.

Qmee Streaks

With a 5 day streak you stand to earn 10 percent more for each survey you participate in and complete.

This streak can be kept going if you complete a survey every day or take time to answer the daily poll. Just login everyday and answer the daily poll

Pop Quiz

Qmee Searches

In addition to quizzes and polls there’s also Qmee search. That’s one of the best known things about the platform.

Qmee pays you to do searches on Google and although its a pittance, it adds up overtime.

So with the search on the left side they pack the bar with sponsored results. The search feature doesn’t interrupt your own searches and simply use the extension as normal.


Qmee Extension

THE Qmee extension enables paid searches but that’s not all. It alerts you when new surveys are available and you can also check your balance with the app. What’s more?

Qmee App Review

The qmee app is a great thing because you are portable when doing the surveys. Relax on the sofa or stream netflix or do them when you travel. The surveys are all mobile app compatible. The mobile only area shows cashback deals too.

Qmee Referral Program

The Qmee referral program is rewarding but also close circuited. You can’t get access at the get go. You need to test the waters and use the platform, before they allow you start recommending it to others. When you use it regularly the referral section pops up on its own and you can see what happens.

The program is also different. You get three invite links.

When you refer a friend who signs up with the Qmee referral link you get $1 reward. The first kind of link gives you 100 percent of reward. The second shares it between you and friend and the third gets 100 percent to friend.F

PayPal Is used to verify the identity.

Qmee Tips

  • Install the browser extension –With the extension you earn with searches and the alerts on surveys.
  • Get your profile strength above 90% – If your profile meets 90 percent strength that means you will get better surveys,
  • Answer questions honestly – Take your time through surveys rather than finishing them off to jump to next.
  • Soome surveys are better and pay you more. That’s not all they take less time as well.

If you’re like me, you need to see it to believe it. Here’s my Qmee payment proof:

And here’s another one (just cashed out while writing this review, literally got the money instantly after requesting):

What I Like About Qmee

All in all, Qmee is a great survey site. Probably one of the best. Here are all the things I like about it:

Top 5 Pros

  • No payout minimum – There’s no minimum payout around Qmee and that means you’re going to earn with it no matter what.
  • You get the payment processedin minutes and there’s no big lag.
  • The paid searches are a star feature and don’t inhibit searches.
  • The streaks are easy and get you bonsue Lots of surveys as well.
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Cheeze it promo for watching Prime movies

Cheeze it promo for watching Prime movies

Cheeze-It has opened up a fruitful partnership with Amazon. The campaign headlined Cheez it snaped and stream promotes their cheez it snap’d line of snacks.

With the promo you stand to get credits to fuel your Prime video purchases and rentals and credits to buy snacks.

You can save $5 each month and total them off to a big purchase later down the road. When you want.

Direct Link [Amazon]

When you watch at least 5 hours of content on Prime video you get the following things:

$5 prime video credit

$5 cheez it credit

Enroll every month to access and complete the offer.

5 Hours Of Select Content

To get the credits, you’ll have to watch 5 hours of movies on Prime Video.

That said you can’t watch whatever content you want and fill the requirements. You have to watch 5 plus hours of select content.

The movie theme for instance gets you content from 15 movies.

Sign into amazon with the direct link and click on enroll now.

Do I need to be a Prime member to participate?

You don’t need prime membership to participate. No prime members can rent titles from the catalogYes you need to enroll every month to be considered for the credits.

Select the video and login and as you’re logged in the minutes will get counted.

The streaming needs to be carried out online.

The program has already started and generally begins on the first day of each month at 12 am and ends on the last day at 11 59 pm. The credits expire by 31 jan 2021.

What can I use the credit on?

The $5 credit that you get can be used toward cheez it snap’d and cheez it products. 

The $5 credit can be coupled until 31st Dec and used to buy larged produccts. The video credit can be used to purchase movies and shows on Prime video too.

As long as you’re in the Us you can get the credit and use that to save money.

The credit companies and partnerships are always offering you free money.

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2000 points for BARE chicken purchase

For purchasing bare chicken you get 2000 points on Fetch Rewards. When you scan grocery purchase receipts you get rewards on this mobile app.

  • The points are valid against reciepts made between 8/17/20 to 10/15/2020
  • You can earn 2000 points multiple times.

20 times per user.

The points are worth 2 dollars. Swagbucks is also running a promo where you get free chicken each week until november 30. That means you get 38 chicken packs that usually cost $152 and you also make a profit of $80 on that.


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How to make money transcribing

How to make money transcribing


Transcribing is one of the best things you can do to make some money online. It doesn’t require a lot of effort or very high skills. In fact transcription is one of the easiest ways to make a bunch of money online. 

Most transcription sites don’t require you to have experience either. You can get started for free.

As a beginner this is the perfect spot to make money transcribing.

The first thing to do is join a transcription site

You can choose one from the list of sites I posted. Once you put in your application and begin to transcribe you will be asked to do a test assignment.

This is perfect for beginners who want to test the waters. As a result the application will be approved. More so, if you take the time to read the guidelines and submit a test assignment meeting their style guidelines.

How to attend the test

Shortly after registering you will get a test invite from the site you applied to. There are different files to choose and you can spend some time going through the audio files. This will help you select an easy one. Probably a bit longer but with good accent that you can understand.

Sometimes even after spending a lot of time transcribing you might find that the job was not well done or not done within the stipulated time limits. This means you need to either wait for sometime to get an opportunity to work with them again.

Odds are you will get an easy file and you will get approved.

Based on how long you spent for the test your file might require further review or testing and that means you just need to wait and see what happens next.

Once you get certified you will also get paid for the work you did. Sometimes when you are starting out you will earn a pittance but that’s not cause for worry.

Once you have certified and become a certified transcriptor with the site you will get more opportunities in the form of files you can transcribe. Some files are going to be shorter others longer and some pay $10- to $20 per hour of audio file.

After spending a few hours transcribing you will realize that you have spent few hours learning and get a few dollars in the account.

The first earnings are a pittance but that need not discourage you. Its always like this when you start and once you spend a few hours a day doing it you’re going to become great at your work.

Once you develop the essential skills you’re going to get paid more and more for it.

Once you are starting you will realize that 3 minutes of audio take around 30 minutes of work from your end.

You will eventually get better. The sites that are easy approval generally also pay the lowest.

  • Transcription is in great demand
  • You’re going to be a great fit for the job and here’s all the things you need to get started.
make money

How to make money proofreading


How to make money proofreading?


  • What is a proofreader?
  • Are proofreaders in demand? Who hires them?
  • What skills should aspiring proofreaders have?
  • Who isn’t a good fit for proofreading?
  • Do proofreaders need a degree or other qualifications?
  • How much money do proofreaders make?
  • How can a complete beginner become a proofreader?
  • And more.

So there’s your answer.

If you ever thought of making money with proofreading here’s your guide on how to do that successfully.

Here’s more about Caitlin Pyle and Proofread Anywhere

What is a Proofreader?

Proofreader’s job is important as he she lays the final eyes on a work before being published. So its their job to make everything up to order.

What Does a Proofreader Do, Exactly?

A proof reader not only looks at spelling mistakes but they also look for grammar issues, they look at the way sentences flow, formatting fixes and other similar things.

Proofreading vs. Editing: What’s the Difference?

The proofreader’s job comes after the editor. The editor ensures the the work is logically correct but the editor makes sure there are no glaring mistakes around the work.

Editors look at grammar and punctuation and planning the whole work. Proofreaders tend to clean the whole thing up.

That means just a SINGLE client could potentially provide you with a nice source of consistent income as a freelance proofreader.

Oh, and if you think grammar and spell-check tools are gobbling up all of the proofreading work from REAL proofreaders, read on:

How Human Proofreaders Differ From Spellcheck

Tools like Grammarly have always attempted at replacing human proofreaders but they can’t come close.

Grammarly is great for highlighting obvious mistakes. But its never more than a glorified spell check. Context flies right above them.

Tools can introduce errors into your writing if you’re not sure how to use grammar and punctuation.

The Skills Every Proofreader Needs to Be Successful

Proofreading isn’t something you can work on with no experience. It requires a certain degree of prowess to master what goes into correcting mistakes and provide a good reading experience to the end reader.

You also need to love to read.

Hard Proofreading Skills

Enjoying reading isn’t the sole criteria to determine how proficient you are going to be as a proofreader. But, that’s a start.

The most important thing when it comes to enjoying success with proofreading is keeping an eye out for grammar, punctuation and typos. That means you need to read carefully. I have this instinct. But with practice you become way better at it.

Soft Proofreading Skills

It isn’t really all about spotting mistakes. The better thing is to understand what clients want best.

These soft skills will help you upsell and charge more than what peers do.

Attention to detail is one of the first crucial things necessary in the busines. Read quickly but don’t skim.

As such its generally hard work and it needs to meet professional standards.

You can spend spare time proofreading because its generally a time consuming ask and you can definitely do some of it on the side.

IT doesn’t matter what you plan. It depends on how flexible you are to do the work.

Proofreading also involves deadlines and that means you need to be able to stick to a schedule.

How Much Do Proofreaders Make?

Now that’s an interesting question.

What’s the salary of a proofreader.

A general proofreader can make anything depending on the time he she chooses to devote to it.

Proofreading can be a good side hustle.

ZipRecruiter’s data reveals that on an average proofreaders make over $45852 a year and some proofreaders earn more than $75000 a year.

The numbers above may not always reflect an accurate picture of reality. These stats are based on average estimates.

As a proofreader you can also directly approach bloggers and authors and they may also send referrals over to you making the income much larger. Referrals and other clients land on their own when you gain experience and relevant skills.

Proofreading as a career can throw the spotlight on you.

However proofreading without training can land you in some trouble.

You might harbor myths around proofreading and not know how and where to get clients.

  • If you don’t understand clients and make mistakes you lose the client forever and you lose the chance of being in his network too.

No course is going to make you succeed at what you are doing that mostly depends on your gumption, hard work and wit. That’s how you find success.

If you learn the course you’re going to find some measure of success with the course. You learn the fundamentals around a said course but you need to put in enough work.

Work consistently and practice and then you won’t waste time and get something out of it.

The proofread anywhere course helps you proofread online content, resumes and other articles. 8 models pack 40 lessons with 10 of them on grammar and punctuation There are worksheets and essays you can and should practice.

  • The ignite plus is another training level where you get more value. There’s an exam. When you pass you can get a certification of participation too.

Start making money with proofreading

All it takes is the right approach and attitude towards proofreading. Once you do that you can land the right jobs and start making the right amount of money as well.

You need a PC, you need internet, you need time and some research materials to get started.

Here’s the guide to get started.

Step 1. Learn the Art

To master proofreading you need to have training that develops patience and an eye for errors. You need to reallylearn how to start proofreading first.

The proofread anywhere is a great course to do that right.

The basics are taugh in the course and it will also tell you if the approach is right and if you’re good to become a proofreader.

Do not take action on steps 2-5 below without taking training first.

Again you don’t need clients who go mad at you seeing the poor quality of work you display.You don’t need to be an untrained proofreader.You also need to know how to land clients. This experience can spruce your profile but a bad experience with the client can mean that the reputation you built up gets damaged.

In the next step you need to up your skillset. Proofreading doesn’t end with training. It begins there.

The standard for proofreading changes and that means you need to always reskill yourself to stay on top of the game.

To be really skilled that could mean tons of practice.

Also read several books, articles magazines and other things to bloom your passion and get things working in your favor.

The ideal approach is to: Search for mistakes like your life depends on it.

Keep in mind – this practice can also help you potentially land clients. If you’re reading an article from your favorite blogger and you notice some errors, kindly reach out and let them know.

Don’t advertise your services right away though.

Just show them the errors you found, and try to get a friendly conversation going. If they ask what you do, then you can mention your proofreading services.

Making friends and networking can be one of the best ways to get your foot in the door and land clients.

You may want to proofread professionally. But, at the start you maywant to start serving your friends first. You may want to proofread essays and articles for them first and once you have done that successfully you can gallop ahead. You can do this is as a favoror in exchange for some money.


AP style is one of the most common proofreading styles found. You need to access and be familiar with different styles to incorporate an element of freshness into your content. Style guidelines let the writing come out consistently smooth. And the content feels great to read from start to end.

The rules are generally around citations, paragraph spacing, use of fonts and so on.

AP style, AMErican psychological association style, Modern language association style and so on are some common one.s


Grammar is your best friend if you want to proofread. To spot errors and do a good job at that you must be particularly adept at grammar.

There are also proofreading tests. These tests show you where you stand with respect to others and which of your skills need improvement.

When you go over mistakes find out what’s wrong and make a mental note of the same so you don’t miss out on things.

When getting paid or not, just use the opportunity to learn and get better and improve yourselves.

Do free or discounted work for some big clients and use their testimonials to spruce up your own profile.

Step 3. Start Looking for Paid Proofreading Work

In the next step, once you have had gained some experience proofreading and working your way up it’s time to take things up a notch by scouting for professional paid opportunities.

Freelancing is a fantastic way to make great money proofreading. With freelancing you can command the rates you want. In addition you work your own hours, deciding when you want to work. You set the hours and the freedom to work when its convenient.

However its not so easy when getting startrted. Because finding clients is easier said than done.

You can register on sites Like Fiverr or Upwork and start getting a steady stream of work once you have landed a couple of gigs.

  • In addition you can also land referrals through friends and family members.
  • Cold emailing/calling –Bloggers and content creators and authors generally need the proofread work because they want to be told of their mistakes and correct their work.
  • So that’s a great niche to offer work. There are also Facebook groups where you can land clients because there are tons of author groups with people looking for some to proofread.


You can also become an independent contractor and work for certain companies. If you don’t want clients on your own and apply to these sites you can find companies willing to rope you in, teach some ropes and also find a steady fodder of opportunities.

  • With this the payment may not be a lot. 
  • You can set a schedule and work a certain period on schedule.
  • In addition to this you can hire proofreaders who you can work with on a consistent basis and score work on a weekly basis.

Step 4. Niche Down

The greatest way to make more money proofreading is by specializing in a particular kind of services. There are tons of them. And its better you stick with one, prove your expertise. That way you establish credibility as someone known for a particular niche.

Niching down gets you more money as you  become a proofreader of demand.\

For  instance you can choose to work with recipe bloggers or with books or something like that.

Offer more and more services

In addition to all the above, as you start working more and more you will find the business running smoothly. At this point, you may want to offer additional services or upsells to make even more money.

When you land clients and have more time you can offer kindle book formatting. That’s something I usually get request for and all you need to do is download the free kindle ebook reader and edit the books there to make it in the .kdp format along with some formatting skills. You can expand withinthe cope of your niche. You can offer logo design services too.

It’s pretty easy to offer upsells to your clients. They are in need of the service and once you do, its easy to add more and more services.

  • Translation
  • Developmental editing
  • Line editing
  • Copy editing
  • Transcription
  • Writing
  • Copywriting

You can also offer services at the agency level. When you have more and more clients instead of turning down the depth and breadth of work you’re getting, hire others and train them to start an agency and offer work at the agency level.

  • Make sure that the freelancers you find deliver high quality work. yOU may need to test them out before giving them client work.
  • Read backwards – To ensureyou’re not missing anything read sentences backward. This takes the obvious out of the way and the brain doesn’t skip onsetences and its harder to miss mistakes in this manner.
  • Read the last sentence, second last and all the way to first.
  • Squinting your eyes at the laptop all day long is hard. That’s why printing it out can help you spot errors quicker.
  • When writing or proofreading reading out the text aloud is one of the surest ways to spot mistakes. You should also need to practice and check client docs and others.

Final Thoughts

The business of proofreading will continue as long as there are writers and authors. More and more content is getting produced everyday and that content needs you/, There are several different industries that need proofreaders and you can help them

IF you definitely enjoy reading proofreading is something you will enjoy. Take part in the training and make money.