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Earn 5% In eBay Bucks shortime offer.


Here are the promotion details of the program on ebay. This is particularly useful if you shop around on eBay muc and can join the ebay bucks rewards program wic is particularly rewarding to anyone.

After you join the program you get a percentage of ebay purchases back as credits in the form of eBay bucks. This is a virtual currency that can be cashed out against future purchases on the site


Here are the complete details regarding the program. You generally earn 1 percent cashback on eBay purchases. This is the norm throughout the year but certain times during the year they have these promos runnin where you can promote eBay bucks and get more cash back during this promo period.

During this time and now you earn 5 cashback.


From August 10 on August 12 pure you get 5% cashback in the form of ebay bucks 


Ou e a maximum of $100 per ransacion and $500 during promotion period too.


Click on  the activate button to see if you’re eligible for the offer. You will get a congratulations message if your account is targeted.


The promotion already started at  am on august 10 and ends on august 12.

Any qualifying purchases will give you the required amount.

The rewards are capped at $100 per transaction and $500 per period 

Te purchases also need to be completed prior to before te promo ends.


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70% Off Coats at Macy’s

70% Off Coats at Macy’s

With our link you can save up to 70 percent on men’s and women’s raincoats and winter coats at The calvin Klein hooded packable puffer coat was originally at 240 is now at 71.93 there’s also free shipping for orders over 2 dollars.

e’s a new eBay Bucks promotion available where you can earn 5% back on all your qualifying eBay purchases! Learn more about eBay Bucks and how you can save more money with this special offer.

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50% Off Adidas with Free Shipping

50% Off Adidas with Free Shipping

With our coupon you’re going to get extra 50 percent off on adidas on the already reduced apparel range from Adidas. Use the code for discount at proozy you also get free shipping which means additional five bucks in savings.


With the coupon the price drops a lot. Certain brands are 85 percent off.

Get it at Proozy

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T  mobile tuesdays app offers for the week


T-mobile tuesdays an app on both Android and iOS gets you deals and lots of things for free. You get a good chance to win prizes and the only you need to do is be a t mobile customer and have this app.

Sprint customers can participating owing to the recent merger between the two.

Every week you get new free stuff, new deals, offers and other things on eligible parties. You can also win vacations, gift cards, smartphones and others.

The deals offered on Teusday are as follows

There are five different variants of deals you can use.

Free Food & Drinks

You will get one more more free food and drink deal. WHen redeeming the offer you get a bar code which you need to show to the shop keeper and the cashier will scan and get you the discount.

Free T-Mobile Merchandise

YOu get things like t mobile umbrellas, scarves, tumblrs and other things for free.

Gas Deals

You get 10 to 2 cents off per gallon of gas from Shell.


Tmobile offers wheel roulettes where you can spin and win Amazon gift cards from five dollars to over five 1000.

  • Dunkin Donuts: $2 Gift Card
  • Popeyes: Free Chicken Sandwich + 2pcs Signature Chicken
  • Modcloth: 50% Off + Free Shipping
  • Major League Baseball: Free Year of MLB.TV Premium (valued at $121.99)
  • The Athletic: Free Year Subscription

YOu get a number of deals and things with T mobile. These deals result in some bit of cash savings for you. You can simply activate the offer to get free money.

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How to save money on your phone with these apps

How to save money on your phone with these apps

I know all of you reading this love saving money. Even I do. With some planning and direction you’re going to gallop ahead of others and save a bunch of money. With correct offers and retailers you get choices of phones.

HandsetExpert: This site gives the best options based on your input. Add the calling, texting and data requirements and you see a bunch of offers to choose from. Go to the retailer site and see if the choices meet the guidelines.


Money supermarket lists the best deals on popular handset models while giving you a nice little table to compare monthly and SIM contracts. To choose the best.


Find the perfect car parking spot

If you want to save money with your car, the phone has a few things to help you.

Parking unnecessarily in the wrong place can cost a pretty penny. It isn’t always easy to find perfect parking either. WIthout that you get tickets. SpotHero helps you from the mess by reserving parking spots in advance and voila without coughing up a fortune.

The prices are affordable and with the phone you can go to the right spot.


When you park use the car parking app to pay for this. With this as soon as time’s up you get notified and you can add more money too. With this no need to go to the meter to pay up the money. No tickets either.


Another big car expense is repairs. You can’t really avoid them and we’re not asking you to either. What you can do is be smart about those repairs. Use an app called U scan that scans the engine and shows you what’s wrong. It tells you what about those engine lights turns them on and can run diagnostics. You’re not blindsided by mechanisms and know what is what.


Gasbuddy app gets you the place for the cheapest gas and you can use Google maps to search alongside the route travelled to. So you get the cheapest gas on the bucks.


Use coupons with the cartwheel app

The cartwheel app is a lifesaver because you get a load of coupons automatically applied with the app.

When grocery shopping you can either use Cartwheel or Opt Up and see the coupons that come along. There are also Walmart app that alert you to deals. These coupons are directly sent to your phone and that means there’s no messy business of carrying around or cutting up those coupons. With this you really save a lot.


Get on doordash

As a student you might love to get hands on with some part time work. Turns out there are enough and more avenues that you can start using. With a smartphone sign up to doordash to deliver food. 

YOu can also join Lyft or Uber eats and do the same thing.

YOu can do grocery shopping for others with Instacart. As soon as you’re approved get ready to work and start delivering. When you don’t want work just shut off the app. You are flexible with regards to work timings.


Get more out of your shopping

There are a number of apps and tools like ebates and Rauketen that help you with cash or rewards when you are shopping. With dosh once you download apps, connect the card and you get shopping. Pay with these cards and they search for discounts and collect all the rewards for you. Little by little it adds up and you can withdraw a tidy amount at the end.


Use the Chime app

Chime is a mobile banking app that works on Android and iOS. With debit cards and spending accounts the deposits are safe and you can see the transactions that are happening on the instant.


With the automatic savings account, you can start saving money without having to really think about it and set aside 10 percent of the paycheck you’re getting on to Chime. You can also roundup purchases and get the difference back to your account with the chime debit card.


With this app you have tons of opportunities before you to save money and put it away into a savings account instead of spending it on things that amount to impulsive purchases.

No overdraft fee either and there are no monthly minimums.



Digit thinks and saves money for you by automating the process for you. It does a great job by taking over the job from you and automating saving. The app does this by studying your current expenses and your income. Next, it calculates the amount that needs to be set aside and parks that in a FDIC insured account.

This is done thrice a week and gives you the ability to save. The one percent savings bonus is paid out every 3 months. Based on average daily balances during the period this interest gets calculated.

The monthly fee appears after the 100 day trial period.


Clarity Money

Clarity Money is another great option to automate savings for you and prevent spending too much money without thinking about it. 


IMpulsive purchases go out of the window.

You can also negotiate bills to a lower amount with this.


With this you also get credit card suggestions based on your existing lifestyle and the suggestions are smart. The savings account will help you place all the money you save.



Qapital adds a learning component to the saving money. It gives you lessons around setting goals and the value of amounts go up incrementally. Each purchase you make goes towards the larger goal.

Qapital rounds up transactions to the nearest dollar amount and parks that into a savings account. You just need to connect a checking account to the app to make use of it.

Automate saving with this strategy.



Mint is the number one app that can help you pay those bills on time. If not, there’s always overtime bills that can cost a lot. This will be fee and penalties that you’re going to pay extra.


These apps will maximize the money and help you allocate more for savings and for emergencies and other things. This funds retirement accounts as well.

Wth free credit scores you can see the savings and maintain the habits of money saving and get better loan rates.



Acorns rounds up the different amounts of purchase made through credit and debit cards with the app. The difference gets to an Acorns account and from there goes to the investing arm. The funds are traded on funds and you get the profits You can space your money into riskier and less risky investments based on your risk comfort and get things going.


With college students you get the account for free for four years. The monthly fee is calculated on a percentage based on how much your account is short of $5000. 

WIth partners like Airbnb and Blue Apron you get something from their spending credited back to your account


You Need a Budget

Well it’s an app but even as a statement you do need a budget to fund your expenses.

With a budget app like this it’s easy to plan out your budget and see where your money goes. This gives you the importance of budget and its money value.

With this you can put priority on which expenses to run by and ways to save some money and partition them to unexpected costs, emergencies. The app tells you how to live within your income and is certainly helpful. There’s also a software that works on PC or mac to go along.

Wallaby helps you maximize the potential for credit cards. Almost anyone who’s used a credit card know this; they’re a double edged sword. THey often take away your money if you’re not careful. With mobile apps and extensions and wearable devices you can use credit cards the right way and use them optimally. This gets you the most rewards that you can possibly accrue.

The app gives you a point by point detail regarding which card at which retailer gives you the highest number of rewards that you can use to purchase products, services and for other dreams.



Honey collects coupons for you and hunts out the best deals. It’s a cross platform browser extension that surveys what you buy online and applies coupons as soon as you go and purchase stuff online. There are a large number of brands that work along with this and you get a number of savings options.



Scoutmob available on both android and iphones is offering deals across cities. The company has gone beyond metros and big cities to deliver local discounts for restaurants and events.


It uncovers deals and also useful info around events that is great to use and listen to.



Viggle is another free app as you spend time in front of the tv. The app lets you choose a show and if you’re watching you get points for the same. Play games and answer quizzes around tv and you get points that total towards Starbucks and Barnes and Nole purchases. 

That translates to lower priced coffees and books.



FeeX helps you save a ton on brokerage fee. If you don’t monitor that that can sweep in a lot of money and your broker will not help.



When on a tight budget with this App Joy you can find money to save. The free app analyzes both income and spending habits and then spits a number based on how much you can save each month and stay within the budget. The funds will be transferred to a secure account.


You can always choose to save more or less money than the amounts suggested and can move the money to the savings account.

When you’re ready to spend your savings, you can transfer the funds from the Joy savings account to an external account.


Tip Yourself

A free app that can help you fund travels. Available on both ios and android apps you can set goals for positive behavior and transfer the said money to a tip jar as soon as you hit the goal.

Be it walking a mile or cooking your own dinner, the app encourages consistent good behavior. You can also share the personal goals achieved through the social media connection Share the wins and maintain the wins.


With Tip Yourself, you can set a savings goal for your next vacation. When you reach your goal, you’ll feel confident taking a vacation knowing the money you’re spending is your reward for keeping the promises you made to yourself.


So these are some of the best apps designed to help you save money so that you don’t have to scavenge the last remaining coins to pay for stuff. If you use these apps you’re automatically set up to save money in the long term.

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Cash Back Apps for 2020

Cash Back Apps for 2020

Cashback apps take the hard work out of making money. It’s simple really. All you have to do is shop. If you spend a little time shopping you need not engage in clicking ads or reading emails. Just get back some of what you shop.

The cashback apps are a true savior in this regard. You can save cash by shopping.

Here’s how.

Things food and clothes are a staple of modern existence. So when you’re buying stuff even if all the things you purchase just tally up to the basics here’s something you can do.

You can get discounts based on how much you’re spending and how much stuff you’re purchasing.

So even if its just as low as 1 percent the cashback grows large and adds up really quickly.

When you combine more apps with more coupons you get more in savings.

Here are the best to note

  1. Mr. Rebates
  2. Rakuten
  3. Seated
  4. Ritual
  5. Fetch Rewards
  6. GetUpside
  7. Freebird

Mr. Rebates

It’s a popular cash back shopping site. And is one of the few real ones. The site has been around for longer than you can imagine and you can hope to get handed doles and doles of cashbacks and discounts with them.

With cashback sites and apps the best thing is you can shop as usual at your favorite retail haunts like Dell, Staples or Ebay. These are all partners with Mr Rebates and earn you cashback for quite little.

A check or PayPal withdrawal is something you can choose to get the money credited to your account.

When you sign up you can get  a $5 bonus for free.


Rakuten was earlier known as Ebates, another quite popular cash back site that earns you real money for shopping.

Similar to Mr Rebates you get PayPal or check. Get $10 as bonus when you sign up and when you spend $25 as member in the first 3 months.

Get both of them. But you can always cross compare cashbacks across both platforms and wsee which one’s better and go with that.

If you purchase on sites regularly you know that few offers have more percentage as cashback available.

Check this before you purchase.


Seated is the best app for getting discounts on restaurant reservations.

The app gives you 40% or more of the restaurant bill. With this you get money whether you eat at the restaurant, take a pick up or deliver it to your home.

THe app is only listed for Boston, New York city, Atlanta, Chicago and Philadelphia.

If you eat out, make the reservation or the order through the app to be considered for cashback.

Upload the receipt for earning money. Once you do you get a notification saying what you earn for the same. The Once you upload your receipt, rewards program is generous in doling out money and that’s the reason why its the coolest app you will lay your eyes on.

YOu get a $25 bonus with us.


Seated is generous but unfortunately isn’t available everywhere. So if you’re in the same boat as many others use Ritual.

  • Available in 43 cities across the world: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Brisbane, Calgary, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Edmonton, Fort Worth, Halifax, Hamilton, Hong Kong, Houston, Indianapolis, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Montréal, New Orleans, New York, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, St. Louis, Sydney, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington DC, Waterloo

Ritual has social component built in. Place an order and get it through a local restaurant. You skip the snaking queue this save, save time and also be paid cashback for what its worth.

Ordering food on app isn’t new. Ritual lets you piggyback on other orders placed at the same time as during the work week you do. 

Fetch Rewards

With fetch rewards you stand to gain a lot of money as cashback and also as rewards when you scan grocery receipts and upload them to Fetc.

WIth fetch rewards there are a number of options and fields to choose from. You can purchase at grocery or supermarkets, drug stores, at pharmacies and also when buying alcohol. The app bankrolls almost everything. With Fetch rewards you can earn rewards on almost all stores imaginable.

The app with its bonus section helps you get cash backs faster and gets you more rewards.

When you sign up you get 2000 reward points.


GetUpside helps you get cashback on gas purchases when you upload the receipts. Per gallon of gas as 12107 gas stations in 40 states also Canada you just need to select the right one and take the receipt and upload it.

Simple as that.


Free bird is a dream come true for all those who travel on taxis from Uber and Lyft. Earn as much cashback as you want. When you use the app and get it to book a ride you get cashback. Freebird connects to the apps and helps take the ride through their app.

And gets you cashback.


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PNC Checking Bonus of $50, $200 and $300

With PNC checking account you’re in for a deal as there are three levels of bonuses available. The bonus will be paid in roughly 60 to 90 days after meeting the requirements of the account.


The bonus amount depends on the account you open.

The pnc $50 checking bonus is one such available. With that you get access to a virtual wallet and within the first 60 days you need to add at least $500 into the new account.


The PNC $50 bonus requirements are met


Here are the instructions for th $200 checking bonus for PNC


You can open and use the new virtual walet with performance spend checking account.


You should make direct deposits totalling $2000 or more into the new account within the first 60 days.

You get the PNC $200 bonus

To get the PNC $300 bonus here’s what you should do


Use the new virtual wallet with performance select checking account. Make direct deposits more than $5000 into the account within the first 60 days and you get the $300 checking bonus.


Who gets the bonus

As long as you’re a new account holder with PNC bank you qualify for the bonus. The personal checking account should be active for more than 90 days and also if there’s an old account, it should have been closed more than 90 days ago.

If you received a bonus from PNC bank that should have been more than 12 moths ago.


If you live in certain states you qualify for the offer but in this case there are no state restrictions.


The account is available nationwide and expires by 31 August 2020

There’s no household limit meaning everyone in the family stands to get the bonus too.


Direct deposit is required between $500 and $5000 depending on what you want the bonus to be.


THe credit inquiry is a soft pull on your credit card.

If you close the account within 6 months there’s a termination fee of $25


The checking accounts tend to have a monthly fee usually between $7 and $25 but they too can be waived off if you do the following.


Add and maintain $500 or more in the monthly average balance.

$500 or more in monthly direct deposits as well


Is an account holder who is more than 62 years of age

PNC performance spending checking account 

For 200 or more bonus


You should maintain $2000 or more in the monthly average balance. 

You should also make $2000 or more in qualifying monthly direct deposits.


You should have at least $10000 in the monthly average balance across all PNC accounts you have.


The PNC performance select checking account with $300 bonus.


To get the $25 monthly fee waived you need the following.

$5000 at least in monthly average balances 

$5000 in monthly direct deposits


Have $25000 in average monthly balance across all personal PNC accounts and investments.


Here are the terms and conditions

With the virtual wallet performance select you get a $300 reward and a $50 reward if you open a new virtual wallet.

With the virtual wallet you will be considered for just one reward amount.


To get the reward, open a new checking account with the online application link between 1 and 31 August with the link


The direct deposits must be made under 60 days too.

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Spirit Airlines Sale 80% off on flight tickets

Spirit Airlines is a pretty widely known lost carrier that carries people around the world. With them you can book cheap flights for travel throughout the month of September. It has a sale going on right now using which you can reduce the bills for flight tickets next month. Book cheap flights with the help of the promo code 80 PCT to save over80% on the next flight. The discount applies itself to the base fare.
So it isn’t like there’s 80 percent off the full flight but only from the base fare. That’s something decent.

Go to Spirit Airlines.

Book the flight by august 3rdwhich is today and for travel between August 4 to October 14th 2020.
All Friday and Sunday flights are excluded. There are also other blackouts and other problems so you need to go and read the promo page for more details.

There’s no discount on Passenger Usage Charge that may bill to $22.99 or regulatory compliance charges of $7 per segment or fuel charges of $12 per segment that are all included to bulk up the base fare.
80% off on flight part of vacation

Enter 80PCT as coupon. Yes maintain the caps as well.

The discount is less but the longer flights may definitely work in your favor. With most airlines you need to pay a lot of things but that’s not the case with Spirit.

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Get $200 Checking bonus with KeyBank

Get $200 Checking bonus with KeyBank

In this post I’m going to discuss how you can stand to get a checking bonus from KeyBank. Here’s what to do to avail of the offer. They are one of the largest banks in the nation. You can trust them.


Keybank is known for its community centeredness and the way it conducts business.


With the current offer when you open an account you get a $200 checking bonus.


It’s available in all these states:

Arkansas AK,








New York 






What should you know before opening an account to avail this $200 checking bonus offer?

There are several account types where you get this balance credited like the Key Express checking, advantage checking, privilege checking and so on.

Here’s the direct link for the offer. Also if you open the account by August 14 2020 you get the money. That’s the last date for the said offer. 

To avail of this checking bonus you need to use the coupon code as follows: ONKW0620


To get the amount credited you need to make a deposit amount of $500 or more as a single value deposit within the first 90 days of opening the account.


Also there’s another offer where you stand to get $250 credited to your account when you make a deposit of $1000.

For either accounts if you withdraw before 180 days there’s a fine of $25.


If you are wondering if there’s a household limit and if only one member of your family can create the account and get the money that’s not the case. No household limit. If there are four members in the family each of you stand to get $200 or $250 when you open the account. That means 4 times $200 at the least.


There are different types of checking accounts you can start using


However there’s monthly fee associated with each and here’s what you can do to understand the associated fee further.

Key Express checking account

It has a fee of $7. If you deposit $500 monthly or have 8 transaction cycles in a month, this fee automatically gets waived off.


Then there’s the 

Key advantage checking account

The key advantage account requires $10000 in combined monthly balances.  Or you need mortgage payments or other payments that total to $500 set up. You need this for the fee to be waived.

KeyBank Key Privilege Checking

The $25 monthly fee is waived if you:


Maintain 25000 dollars in key account balance 

Or if you have monthly mortgage payments of around $500


This deposit may be in the form of deposit, investments or credit balances as well.


If you are a Key at work program member or 2500 dollars in direct deposits each cycle of settling dues even then you can get fee waived off.


KeyBank Key Privilege Select Checking:

There’s the $50 monthly fee which is waived if you have a total of $10000 in combined balances.


Terms and conditions associated with this checking account


Offer available online only.

You must open a Key Express Checking account, Key Advantage® checking account, Key Privilege® checking account, or Key Privilege Select Checking® account by the expiration date and make ONE single KeyBank direct deposit of $500 or more with the first 60 days of opening the account.

Normal account service charges and balance requirements apply to these accounts.

Direct deposit transactions are limited to: payroll, Social Security, pension and government benefits. Accounts titled as Trust Accounts, Estate, and No Access are excluded from eligibility.

Employees of KeyBank, its affiliates and subsidiaries are not eligible for this offer. Offer/Reservation number is non-transferable, cannot be sold and is required to qualify.

Limit one gift per qualifying account.

Limit one gift per individual.