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Chase Secure Banking $100 Checking Bonus

Chase Secure Banking $100 Checking Bonus

For new Chase secure banking customers Chase offers $100 bonus. Here are all the details of the $100 bonus and if you can qualify for the same.

Overview: Chase Secure Banking Account

Chase Secure Banking comes under the club of second-chance checking accounts for people who have bad financial history.

With this you get a shot at traditional banking with one of the most recognizable names in banking while subtracting a few features that may push you to overspend.

Chase Secure Banking customers for instance lack:

  • Overdraft Protection – there’s no option to spend more than what you have on the Chase account
  • Debit card– Use the Chase debit card to make payments

The Chase checking account is great for anyone who wants to maintain a checking account and particularly good enough for those who are getting started financially. Perhaps its your first account


Chase Secure Banking $100 Checking Bonus

People love free money. Chase knows that and does its bit by giving you a sign up bonus.

The Chase Secure banking platform promotion gives you $100 when you carry out the following steps:

  1. Open a new Chase Secure Banking account, you can do this either online or through a Chase branch
  2. You can do it a branch. Only make sure that you ask for a coupon on the sign up page.
  3. Complete at least 10 qualifying transactions within the first 60 days of account opening

A transaction can mean any of these

  1. Debit card purchase
  2. Paying bills online
  3. ACH deposits 
  4. And more

If you make any direct deposit they don’t add up to transactions for the sign up offer

The bonus gets added to your account within 15 days of completing these requirements

 How Do I Get The $100 Bonus?

Here’s the direct link: Direct Link

With the link you arrive at their landing page on Chase.

THere’s another option on the page where you can enter the email address and get a coupon emailed to you. Bring it to your nearest Chase branch.

The $100 Chase Bonus Eligibility

You can get the $100 bonus if you are a new Chase checking account customer

This can mean a few things:

  • You mustn’t have had a Chase checking account or closed one in the last 90 days
  • You mustn’t have had received a new checking account opening bonus in the last two years
  • You didn’t close a checking account with a negative balance in the last 3 years


What Are The Offer Details?

Availability: All over the nation

When does it expire: 1/19/2022

Household Limit: No household limit


Direct Deposit Required: No direct deposits required

Monthly Fee: $4.95

Early Account Termination Fee: If you don’t keep the account open for a period of at least 6 months you lose the bonus.

What Are The Fees?

The monthly service fee totals $4.96

THis is deducted from account balance.

There’s no way to discount this monthly fee

But, and it’s a big BUT.

You get the following

  • No min-cash deposit required to open the account
  • No fees for Chase online bill pay
  • No fees to send money
  • No fees on money orders
  • No overdraft fees since overdraft aren’t allowed
  • 16000 ATMS, 4700 branches
  • Free credit score and identity fraud alerts


If you did any financial blunders, Chase’s $100 bonus and account is a good way to start a new relationship with a bank.

If you have a better track record, then the Chase Total checking account seems like a better option. There are more features that waives the monthly fee. You get the $225 bonus offer as well.

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Charles Schwab $500 bonus on signup

Charles Schwab $500 bonus on signup

If you open an account with Charles Schwab today you get a referral bonus of $500.

Charles Schwab deals in assets worth over $3.4 trillion dollars. They are the third-largest asset manager.

Here’s the direct link to the offer.

Direct Link

You get the bonus when you are referred by a friend and open a new account meeting the eligibility requirements.

These eligible accounts consist of Schwab’s brokerage and checking account.

Spending on how much you deposit. The amount can be as low as $100 or high as $500

Between $1000 to $24999 you get $100

Above $100,000 you get $500

Between $25000 to $49999 you get $200

And above 50 to$99999 you get $300

How To Get $500 Charles Schwab Bonus

To get the bonus you need a friend’s referral code. Within 45 days of signing up make a deposit of the said amount. After one week of 45 day period you get $500

Charles Schwab Checking Account

The checking account refunds all atm usage charge fees. No foreign exchange fee when traveling overseas and reimbursement for all international atm usage fees.

Charles Schwab Brokerage Account

The brokerage account makes yuou eligible for the Charles Schwab American Express Platinum Card as well. This has a once per lifetime policy where you can sign up for credit card bonuses.

You won’t get another bonus on the same card.

The Charles Schwab version means you can redeem the points to the checking account at 25% bonus as well.

You generally get 1 cent per point when converting to cash. So 60000 Amex points are worth $600 in general.

  • The offer is for individuals who don’t have a Schwab account.
  • Net deposits refer to assets into the account minus assets withdraw from the account
  • Assets transferred from Retirement plan services are not included.
  • The net deposits are calculated after 45 days.

The total bonus shall not exceed $5000 per household.

The bonus from charles schwab checking and brokerage account have many valuable benefits. However for this you nee a friend.

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Chase Private Client- Get $3000 bonus

Chase Private Client- Get $3000 bonus

This is a great offer from Chase whereby if you upgrade your account, you stand to get $3000 bonus.


Chase is one of the biggest banks there is with decades of solid banking and great customer service behind them. This offer is particularly beneficial to anyone who banks with Chase.


With the Chase Private Client account the offer is for $3000. This way they want to be the bank that keeps your entire money, portfolio and holdings.


What is a Chase Private client account?


Chase private client account is where you keep a major part of your money with Chase. The holdings need to be sizeable.

With this you become a vip status customer and get a lot of benefits too.


Here’s the list of benefits you are going to get as a private client


No fees on transactions like wire transfers, international debits and others.

No Chase fees at non-Chase ATMs.

For non-chase ATM fees you are going to get reimbursed as well.

No service fee on CPC savings account.

Increase in daily checkout limits

Higher daily ATM withdrawal

Free 3 by 5 safety deposit that would have otherwise cost a month to month fee.

No fee on cashier’s cheque, on counter checks or money orders.


There are also investment benefits associated with the account

For instance you get a free JP Morgan account. 

You get analysis based on the current deposits and your financial goal. This advisory usually is for thousands of dollars but is free with the premium account.

Free online stock and ETF


Credit card benefits

If you either lose your card or want a replacement for any reason you get priority replacement service as a result of being a customer.


High welcome bonuses for credit cards with Chase.


Personal business banking advisor

 No fee on fund transfer from Platinum accounts.

Very low minimum balance requirements.


Home and automobile benefits.

When you refinance your home or auto purchase you are bound to get lower rates.

You get ultimate chase rewards bonus points. For a new home that bonus can swell to 75000 points.


.25% discount rate on Chase Car Buying Service.


Tips to Qualify for the Chase Private bank account.

For Chase private client program, you need $150,000 included inside Chase private and investment accounts.

You can share the account with family members if you are not able to meet that limit on your own.

This will help you reach the required liquidity needed for the program.


To get an invite for the program here’s the


Enrollment Invitation Link


This account is by invitation only. You can request the upgrade code online to enroll and schedule a meeting with a banker.

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Aspiration bank $100 Checking Bonus 2020


Heard of Aspiration before? It’s a socially responsible bank . The new offer gives customers a $100 checking bonus for creating an account with no deposit requirements.

Also if you take up the offer with Swagbucks you get $56 more.

About Aspiration bank

It’s based out of California with services for banking and for investing. Two Harvard graduates started the bank in the year 2015.

The core principles on which Aspiration bank are built are on are: 

  • Trust: Customers come first. Meaning they can pay what’s fair. And they still will work for you.
  • Wall Street tries hardest to make money for itself. Aspiration tries to be the best for everyone.
  • Aspiration offers sustainability in cash management so you can make more and make the world better. 
  • 10% of every fee paid to Aspiration is donated to charities that help struggling Americans with better lives.

Use Swagbucks for more $56

Starting 16 of September if you use Swagbucks to sign up you get $56 in addition to the $100 you were getting.

  1. Sign up for Swagbucks or login
  2. Key in revenue universe in the search bar at the very top. You will see Revenue universe.
  3. Click view offer
  4. You will see a signup link that offers 5600 sb for signing up to Swagbucks.

That’s one offer. Or you can avail $35 by searching Aspiration directly on the search bar.

Use my referral link to sign up to Swagbucks.

Use the Direct Link 

The $100 bonus is credited when you open the Spend and Save checking account and fill the requirements

  • The account should have $10 or more
  • With the debit card make $1000 in transactions in the first 60 days of opening the account.

The availability of the offer is not available. No expiry date

There’s no household limit.

No direct deposit

Soft pull on credit history.

To avoid monthly fees based on the fair pay model you can choose to pay nothing at all.

  • The offer is for new customers
  • Secondary owner of existing accounts don’t qualify.
  • Open and fund account with $19 or more and with $1000 in cumulative transactions.


This offer was presented in the past but at the time there was direct deposit required as well. This only requires $1000 in debit card transactions. Also there are no fees either.

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18 sites that pay to test sites and apps


What does app or website testing mean?

To test websites entails you doing a number of things. Primarily it involves testing how the website performs online. Or how the app performs.

You are going to interact with the site in a normal way as regular users do. But you need to test if the user experience you get is great.

With user tests you need to record the screen with the voice so that you can give feedback as you progress on.

More complex jobs means you need to be testing for bugs. So you will be performing tests to the point the site breaks. You are looking for technical bugs in this case. This pays more.

As you find issues you can report and get paid. However bugs aren’t easy to discover and still harder to get the bounty.

Here are all the things you need to start testing sites online

The first thing is the computer, an internet connection, microphones and also webcams

Most tests will require English too.

Usertesting is one of the most reputed sites that pay for testing jobs. It pays from $10 to $100 and while that may not always be a great deal of money it surely can tally up to a lot.

  • By signing up for plenty of sites you stand to earn more. This way you will get better rating as well. If the rating is high you get more jobs. You get better feedback and you only need to follow the stated guidelines.

Sites that pay you to test websites and apps

1. User Testing

UserTesting is a popular site where you can test websites and get paid for the same.

Do a practice test and you get a number of paid tests. When you do these tests make sure you put in the entire effort and real value as you will get reviews based on this.

The way you voice thoughts should be loud as well. If you want to do a paid test you need to qualify by passing a screener exam. Customers want specific users for specific tests.

You can qualify 1 or 2 tests a week. Once done you get $10 per test.

There are also live tests which are done live and when talking to you. That is paid on a dollar per minute rate.


The next website on the list is UTest because there’s a lot more features and things on the site and it can all appear a bit too crowded for anyone’s taste. Once you start spending some time with it, the interface becomes familiar.

uTest gets you a number of opportunities if you are willing to invest time into the patform.

Mostly what you are going to do is hunt for bugs in codes. The payment differs but expect to make at least $5 per bug discovered.

When you sign up you are not going to get paid jobs right off the bat. You need to wait 2 weeks in the practice tests to complete before you get paid tests. Build up rating and you will get more test invites too.


Whatusersdo sign up process is quite simple. Download the screen recording tool and take part in a practice test. That’s as simple as it gets. Once signed up start receiving around  5 tests in a month. These are sent to your email Once you complete the tests and provide good feedback you will get more test.

Each test gets you $5

4. User Test

With usertest you can sign up with just your email. No passwords needed. For every completed test, within 2 days you will get paid $10.

It’s an invite only platform that accepts just 5% submissions. So the tests and the platform itself is quite exclusive.


Enroll is markedly different because ther’es no need for mics or webcams to record the tests. The tests are simple. Compare two pages or click somewhere on the page. You can take the tests on phone, mobile and other devices.

The tests are easy to do and also pay quite less. Starting at 10 cents and tapping at 1 to 2 dollars.

Over 367688 tests were completed on Enroll


Userfeel requires 10 minutes for a test or little more and each test nets you $10. Take the tests on smartphones or computers. There’s also a qualification test and ther’s the faq which is a must read to get a feel of the platform.

7. StartUpLift

Startuplift is another similar site that doesn’t require a mic or screen recording software either. Head to the site. Get and finish some tasks and provide a written response.

If the response is approved as high quality you get $5

8. TryMyUI

With trymyUI you get a few tests every week. This takes no more than 20 mins and pay 10 dollars each. The tests require your screen and voice and demand a written response at the end as well. The test you submit is reviewed and the payment is sent via PayPal.


Userlytics is another platform for testing. You can do both web and mobile app testing.

You get $10 per test the payments are sent through PayPal.


Testingtime conducts tests on Skype where your voice and face is recorded.

The tests might go over an hour and you get $50 per test. You get paid in around 10 days with paypal.

11. UserZoom

UserZoom requires users to speka out loud with screens and recorded tests. There’s also survey tests. Before you get paid work you need to take sample tests. You also need to be over 18 to get access of the paltform. The recorded tests pay $10 and take 15 minutes.

The survey type take 5 minutes and pay $5. You get payment in 21 days.


Validately offers aloud tests and moderated live tests. The tests take just 5 minutes and and pay around $10. The moderated tests demand 30 minus and require a webcam and pay around $25.

13. UserCrowd 

The tests are super simple and pay only 10 cents per test.

These tests only include clicking around on the site and answering questions and navigating. This is stuff that can be done in few seconds alone.

If you do tests that are 10 in number you get a dollar a day and $30 a month.

However there may not be that many days. You can payout after accruing 100 credits.


Ubertesters only have apps for testing and not sites. If you want o jin you need a smartphone. You also need some experience to partake.

15. Loop11

To be a tester take a sample test where you need to record the webcam screen and the mic. 

It is more exclusive and also provides you with more number of opportunities.

16. UserBrain

Userbrain lets you tests suits on most platforms. With the screen recording and mic recording enabled.

You need to take a small test to get approved after which you will start getting tests. You get $3 per test which is markedly lower than most other sits.

Make and cahs out via Paupal.


Testbirds is another software testing platform.

The testbirds usability test oats nearly $25 usd

For bugs you find you get more money . There’s also free training for you.

18. User Interviews

User Interviews aren’t just about testing. However There are a vast number of testing jobs.

Generally you might get $125 for a 60 minute test where you need to complete a 1 on one interview. The paid usability test is something you will find across listings.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

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70% off at Macy’s

70% off at Macy’s

On Macy’s you stand to get 70 percent off on women’s clearance coats andjackets.


If you spend more than $25 shipping is free. The promo includes a number of coats that usually cost over $400


Sales tax is charged in most states.

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Qmee app rewards program

Qmee app rewards program

It’s a survey site where you can earn money for completing surveys.

That said the better fleshed up your profile on the site is, the better the odds of getting surveys that match your profile. This gives you the benefit of not getting disqualified from the surveys.

When something changes with regards to you, update the same on your Qmee profile. THere are general questions to answers as you fill out the profile.

Qmee Surveys

There are different types of Qmee surveys there are game surveys, political questions and surveys around shopping and banking.

Some Qmee surveys also mandate webcams and that’s why there’s more pay for them.

Qmee has more surveys than most companies because they go to different companies to collect surveys and get a lot of them. There’s always a good supply to research. And the more surveys you answer the better your earnings are going to be.

The Daily Poll

The Qmee daily poll is your surest chance of getting inside a survey. Qmee users can participate in the survye. Doesn’t get any simpler.

The daily poll begs only a few seconds of attention.

Qmee Streaks

With a 5 day streak you stand to earn 10 percent more for each survey you participate in and complete.

This streak can be kept going if you complete a survey every day or take time to answer the daily poll. Just login everyday and answer the daily poll

Pop Quiz

Qmee Searches

In addition to quizzes and polls there’s also Qmee search. That’s one of the best known things about the platform.

Qmee pays you to do searches on Google and although its a pittance, it adds up overtime.

So with the search on the left side they pack the bar with sponsored results. The search feature doesn’t interrupt your own searches and simply use the extension as normal.


Qmee Extension

THE Qmee extension enables paid searches but that’s not all. It alerts you when new surveys are available and you can also check your balance with the app. What’s more?

Qmee App Review

The qmee app is a great thing because you are portable when doing the surveys. Relax on the sofa or stream netflix or do them when you travel. The surveys are all mobile app compatible. The mobile only area shows cashback deals too.

Qmee Referral Program

The Qmee referral program is rewarding but also close circuited. You can’t get access at the get go. You need to test the waters and use the platform, before they allow you start recommending it to others. When you use it regularly the referral section pops up on its own and you can see what happens.

The program is also different. You get three invite links.

When you refer a friend who signs up with the Qmee referral link you get $1 reward. The first kind of link gives you 100 percent of reward. The second shares it between you and friend and the third gets 100 percent to friend.F

PayPal Is used to verify the identity.

Qmee Tips

  • Install the browser extension –With the extension you earn with searches and the alerts on surveys.
  • Get your profile strength above 90% – If your profile meets 90 percent strength that means you will get better surveys,
  • Answer questions honestly – Take your time through surveys rather than finishing them off to jump to next.
  • Soome surveys are better and pay you more. That’s not all they take less time as well.

If you’re like me, you need to see it to believe it. Here’s my Qmee payment proof:

And here’s another one (just cashed out while writing this review, literally got the money instantly after requesting):

What I Like About Qmee

All in all, Qmee is a great survey site. Probably one of the best. Here are all the things I like about it:

Top 5 Pros

  • No payout minimum – There’s no minimum payout around Qmee and that means you’re going to earn with it no matter what.
  • You get the payment processedin minutes and there’s no big lag.
  • The paid searches are a star feature and don’t inhibit searches.
  • The streaks are easy and get you bonsue Lots of surveys as well.
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Cheeze it promo for watching Prime movies

Cheeze it promo for watching Prime movies

Cheeze-It has opened up a fruitful partnership with Amazon. The campaign headlined Cheez it snaped and stream promotes their cheez it snap’d line of snacks.

With the promo you stand to get credits to fuel your Prime video purchases and rentals and credits to buy snacks.

You can save $5 each month and total them off to a big purchase later down the road. When you want.

Direct Link [Amazon]

When you watch at least 5 hours of content on Prime video you get the following things:

$5 prime video credit

$5 cheez it credit

Enroll every month to access and complete the offer.

5 Hours Of Select Content

To get the credits, you’ll have to watch 5 hours of movies on Prime Video.

That said you can’t watch whatever content you want and fill the requirements. You have to watch 5 plus hours of select content.

The movie theme for instance gets you content from 15 movies.

Sign into amazon with the direct link and click on enroll now.

Do I need to be a Prime member to participate?

You don’t need prime membership to participate. No prime members can rent titles from the catalogYes you need to enroll every month to be considered for the credits.

Select the video and login and as you’re logged in the minutes will get counted.

The streaming needs to be carried out online.

The program has already started and generally begins on the first day of each month at 12 am and ends on the last day at 11 59 pm. The credits expire by 31 jan 2021.

What can I use the credit on?

The $5 credit that you get can be used toward cheez it snap’d and cheez it products. 

The $5 credit can be coupled until 31st Dec and used to buy larged produccts. The video credit can be used to purchase movies and shows on Prime video too.

As long as you’re in the Us you can get the credit and use that to save money.

The credit companies and partnerships are always offering you free money.

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2000 points for BARE chicken purchase

For purchasing bare chicken you get 2000 points on Fetch Rewards. When you scan grocery purchase receipts you get rewards on this mobile app.

  • The points are valid against reciepts made between 8/17/20 to 10/15/2020
  • You can earn 2000 points multiple times.

20 times per user.

The points are worth 2 dollars. Swagbucks is also running a promo where you get free chicken each week until november 30. That means you get 38 chicken packs that usually cost $152 and you also make a profit of $80 on that.


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How to make money transcribing

How to make money transcribing


Transcribing is one of the best things you can do to make some money online. It doesn’t require a lot of effort or very high skills. In fact transcription is one of the easiest ways to make a bunch of money online. 

Most transcription sites don’t require you to have experience either. You can get started for free.

As a beginner this is the perfect spot to make money transcribing.

The first thing to do is join a transcription site

You can choose one from the list of sites I posted. Once you put in your application and begin to transcribe you will be asked to do a test assignment.

This is perfect for beginners who want to test the waters. As a result the application will be approved. More so, if you take the time to read the guidelines and submit a test assignment meeting their style guidelines.

How to attend the test

Shortly after registering you will get a test invite from the site you applied to. There are different files to choose and you can spend some time going through the audio files. This will help you select an easy one. Probably a bit longer but with good accent that you can understand.

Sometimes even after spending a lot of time transcribing you might find that the job was not well done or not done within the stipulated time limits. This means you need to either wait for sometime to get an opportunity to work with them again.

Odds are you will get an easy file and you will get approved.

Based on how long you spent for the test your file might require further review or testing and that means you just need to wait and see what happens next.

Once you get certified you will also get paid for the work you did. Sometimes when you are starting out you will earn a pittance but that’s not cause for worry.

Once you have certified and become a certified transcriptor with the site you will get more opportunities in the form of files you can transcribe. Some files are going to be shorter others longer and some pay $10- to $20 per hour of audio file.

After spending a few hours transcribing you will realize that you have spent few hours learning and get a few dollars in the account.

The first earnings are a pittance but that need not discourage you. Its always like this when you start and once you spend a few hours a day doing it you’re going to become great at your work.

Once you develop the essential skills you’re going to get paid more and more for it.

Once you are starting you will realize that 3 minutes of audio take around 30 minutes of work from your end.

You will eventually get better. The sites that are easy approval generally also pay the lowest.

  • Transcription is in great demand
  • You’re going to be a great fit for the job and here’s all the things you need to get started.