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How to make money proofreading


How to make money proofreading?


  • What is a proofreader?
  • Are proofreaders in demand? Who hires them?
  • What skills should aspiring proofreaders have?
  • Who isn’t a good fit for proofreading?
  • Do proofreaders need a degree or other qualifications?
  • How much money do proofreaders make?
  • How can a complete beginner become a proofreader?
  • And more.

So there’s your answer.

If you ever thought of making money with proofreading here’s your guide on how to do that successfully.

Here’s more about Caitlin Pyle and Proofread Anywhere

What is a Proofreader?

Proofreader’s job is important as he she lays the final eyes on a work before being published. So its their job to make everything up to order.

What Does a Proofreader Do, Exactly?

A proof reader not only looks at spelling mistakes but they also look for grammar issues, they look at the way sentences flow, formatting fixes and other similar things.

Proofreading vs. Editing: What’s the Difference?

The proofreader’s job comes after the editor. The editor ensures the the work is logically correct but the editor makes sure there are no glaring mistakes around the work.

Editors look at grammar and punctuation and planning the whole work. Proofreaders tend to clean the whole thing up.

That means just a SINGLE client could potentially provide you with a nice source of consistent income as a freelance proofreader.

Oh, and if you think grammar and spell-check tools are gobbling up all of the proofreading work from REAL proofreaders, read on:

How Human Proofreaders Differ From Spellcheck

Tools like Grammarly have always attempted at replacing human proofreaders but they can’t come close.

Grammarly is great for highlighting obvious mistakes. But its never more than a glorified spell check. Context flies right above them.

Tools can introduce errors into your writing if you’re not sure how to use grammar and punctuation.

The Skills Every Proofreader Needs to Be Successful

Proofreading isn’t something you can work on with no experience. It requires a certain degree of prowess to master what goes into correcting mistakes and provide a good reading experience to the end reader.

You also need to love to read.

Hard Proofreading Skills

Enjoying reading isn’t the sole criteria to determine how proficient you are going to be as a proofreader. But, that’s a start.

The most important thing when it comes to enjoying success with proofreading is keeping an eye out for grammar, punctuation and typos. That means you need to read carefully. I have this instinct. But with practice you become way better at it.

Soft Proofreading Skills

It isn’t really all about spotting mistakes. The better thing is to understand what clients want best.

These soft skills will help you upsell and charge more than what peers do.

Attention to detail is one of the first crucial things necessary in the busines. Read quickly but don’t skim.

As such its generally hard work and it needs to meet professional standards.

You can spend spare time proofreading because its generally a time consuming ask and you can definitely do some of it on the side.

IT doesn’t matter what you plan. It depends on how flexible you are to do the work.

Proofreading also involves deadlines and that means you need to be able to stick to a schedule.

How Much Do Proofreaders Make?

Now that’s an interesting question.

What’s the salary of a proofreader.

A general proofreader can make anything depending on the time he she chooses to devote to it.

Proofreading can be a good side hustle.

ZipRecruiter’s data reveals that on an average proofreaders make over $45852 a year and some proofreaders earn more than $75000 a year.

The numbers above may not always reflect an accurate picture of reality. These stats are based on average estimates.

As a proofreader you can also directly approach bloggers and authors and they may also send referrals over to you making the income much larger. Referrals and other clients land on their own when you gain experience and relevant skills.

Proofreading as a career can throw the spotlight on you.

However proofreading without training can land you in some trouble.

You might harbor myths around proofreading and not know how and where to get clients.

  • If you don’t understand clients and make mistakes you lose the client forever and you lose the chance of being in his network too.

No course is going to make you succeed at what you are doing that mostly depends on your gumption, hard work and wit. That’s how you find success.

If you learn the course you’re going to find some measure of success with the course. You learn the fundamentals around a said course but you need to put in enough work.

Work consistently and practice and then you won’t waste time and get something out of it.

The proofread anywhere course helps you proofread online content, resumes and other articles. 8 models pack 40 lessons with 10 of them on grammar and punctuation There are worksheets and essays you can and should practice.

  • The ignite plus is another training level where you get more value. There’s an exam. When you pass you can get a certification of participation too.

Start making money with proofreading

All it takes is the right approach and attitude towards proofreading. Once you do that you can land the right jobs and start making the right amount of money as well.

You need a PC, you need internet, you need time and some research materials to get started.

Here’s the guide to get started.

Step 1. Learn the Art

To master proofreading you need to have training that develops patience and an eye for errors. You need to reallylearn how to start proofreading first.

The proofread anywhere is a great course to do that right.

The basics are taugh in the course and it will also tell you if the approach is right and if you’re good to become a proofreader.

Do not take action on steps 2-5 below without taking training first.

Again you don’t need clients who go mad at you seeing the poor quality of work you display.You don’t need to be an untrained proofreader.You also need to know how to land clients. This experience can spruce your profile but a bad experience with the client can mean that the reputation you built up gets damaged.

In the next step you need to up your skillset. Proofreading doesn’t end with training. It begins there.

The standard for proofreading changes and that means you need to always reskill yourself to stay on top of the game.

To be really skilled that could mean tons of practice.

Also read several books, articles magazines and other things to bloom your passion and get things working in your favor.

The ideal approach is to: Search for mistakes like your life depends on it.

Keep in mind – this practice can also help you potentially land clients. If you’re reading an article from your favorite blogger and you notice some errors, kindly reach out and let them know.

Don’t advertise your services right away though.

Just show them the errors you found, and try to get a friendly conversation going. If they ask what you do, then you can mention your proofreading services.

Making friends and networking can be one of the best ways to get your foot in the door and land clients.

You may want to proofread professionally. But, at the start you maywant to start serving your friends first. You may want to proofread essays and articles for them first and once you have done that successfully you can gallop ahead. You can do this is as a favoror in exchange for some money.


AP style is one of the most common proofreading styles found. You need to access and be familiar with different styles to incorporate an element of freshness into your content. Style guidelines let the writing come out consistently smooth. And the content feels great to read from start to end.

The rules are generally around citations, paragraph spacing, use of fonts and so on.

AP style, AMErican psychological association style, Modern language association style and so on are some common one.s


Grammar is your best friend if you want to proofread. To spot errors and do a good job at that you must be particularly adept at grammar.

There are also proofreading tests. These tests show you where you stand with respect to others and which of your skills need improvement.

When you go over mistakes find out what’s wrong and make a mental note of the same so you don’t miss out on things.

When getting paid or not, just use the opportunity to learn and get better and improve yourselves.

Do free or discounted work for some big clients and use their testimonials to spruce up your own profile.

Step 3. Start Looking for Paid Proofreading Work

In the next step, once you have had gained some experience proofreading and working your way up it’s time to take things up a notch by scouting for professional paid opportunities.

Freelancing is a fantastic way to make great money proofreading. With freelancing you can command the rates you want. In addition you work your own hours, deciding when you want to work. You set the hours and the freedom to work when its convenient.

However its not so easy when getting startrted. Because finding clients is easier said than done.

You can register on sites Like Fiverr or Upwork and start getting a steady stream of work once you have landed a couple of gigs.

  • In addition you can also land referrals through friends and family members.
  • Cold emailing/calling –Bloggers and content creators and authors generally need the proofread work because they want to be told of their mistakes and correct their work.
  • So that’s a great niche to offer work. There are also Facebook groups where you can land clients because there are tons of author groups with people looking for some to proofread.


You can also become an independent contractor and work for certain companies. If you don’t want clients on your own and apply to these sites you can find companies willing to rope you in, teach some ropes and also find a steady fodder of opportunities.

  • With this the payment may not be a lot. 
  • You can set a schedule and work a certain period on schedule.
  • In addition to this you can hire proofreaders who you can work with on a consistent basis and score work on a weekly basis.

Step 4. Niche Down

The greatest way to make more money proofreading is by specializing in a particular kind of services. There are tons of them. And its better you stick with one, prove your expertise. That way you establish credibility as someone known for a particular niche.

Niching down gets you more money as you  become a proofreader of demand.\

For  instance you can choose to work with recipe bloggers or with books or something like that.

Offer more and more services

In addition to all the above, as you start working more and more you will find the business running smoothly. At this point, you may want to offer additional services or upsells to make even more money.

When you land clients and have more time you can offer kindle book formatting. That’s something I usually get request for and all you need to do is download the free kindle ebook reader and edit the books there to make it in the .kdp format along with some formatting skills. You can expand withinthe cope of your niche. You can offer logo design services too.

It’s pretty easy to offer upsells to your clients. They are in need of the service and once you do, its easy to add more and more services.

  • Translation
  • Developmental editing
  • Line editing
  • Copy editing
  • Transcription
  • Writing
  • Copywriting

You can also offer services at the agency level. When you have more and more clients instead of turning down the depth and breadth of work you’re getting, hire others and train them to start an agency and offer work at the agency level.

  • Make sure that the freelancers you find deliver high quality work. yOU may need to test them out before giving them client work.
  • Read backwards – To ensureyou’re not missing anything read sentences backward. This takes the obvious out of the way and the brain doesn’t skip onsetences and its harder to miss mistakes in this manner.
  • Read the last sentence, second last and all the way to first.
  • Squinting your eyes at the laptop all day long is hard. That’s why printing it out can help you spot errors quicker.
  • When writing or proofreading reading out the text aloud is one of the surest ways to spot mistakes. You should also need to practice and check client docs and others.

Final Thoughts

The business of proofreading will continue as long as there are writers and authors. More and more content is getting produced everyday and that content needs you/, There are several different industries that need proofreaders and you can help them

IF you definitely enjoy reading proofreading is something you will enjoy. Take part in the training and make money.

make money

Transcription jobs that you can do with NO experience

No experience transcription jobs

An audio transcriptionist’s job is to listen to audio files to interviews and podcasts and pens down what is being said.

So if you listen closely and train hard you can become a transcriptionist.

The only thing you need to do is type quickly and have great attention to detail.

There are several benefits of transcriptioning 



  • One of the biggest benefits of this is that you can work from anywhere around the world.
  • You can also set the rates you want and as you gain experience you can work on better clients.


19 Transcription Jobs From Home No Experience Needed

1. Scribie (#1 Recommendation For Beginners)

Scribie is one of the best sites where you can start earning money by transcribing. It’s A fantastic place for you to start earning and understand how the work progresses. You can take the online test and submit the application to that end for you to get started.

Once you transcribe for 6 minutes or less you can start earning. The payment starts at $5 and goes up to $20 an hour for transcribing and the payment is made via PayPal.

2. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe gives you smaller portions of bigger audio files. These short segments can be posted to WorkHub and that’s the place to transcribe them.

Once you take the english exam you can try again later and then you will be contacted after 12 days and then you can start working.

Payment is through PayPal.

3. Rev

Sign up to Rev and get free training that lets you understand the nuances of transcription.

With tutorials and practice jobs you gain feedback and that’s how you can complete a job.

There’s also a forum where other transcriptionists are active and its a community for you to ask and answer questions.

When you apply for a job you need to pass the grammar and transcription test to start working.

Here are other features as well. You get paid twice a week through PayPal. And the average earnings on Rev are $245 per month with the top transcriptionist making $1495


GoTranscript is another great choice for beginners. The pay is slightly lower than other comparative sites but it’s an honestly great place to get some relevant experience that you can use later on.

To start working you need to first complete a test job. Once you pass that you can start working on the real jobs listed on the said site.

There’s a splendid feature surrounding GoTranscript are editors. Editors go through the job. Once done they rate the work and leave feedback. You can learn from this feedback. So in a way they’re both paying you and training you for the job. That’s something you rarely find.

You also have the option of accepting the job after listening to the quality of the tape first. So never worry about heavy accents.

You get paid via PayPal or Payoneer every friday with the average earnings totalling $150

Accutran Global

Accutran Global is available to US and residents of Canada. Complete a test when you apply and you need a transcription speed of 70 words per minute to be accepted. If you show that the quality of content you transcribe is consistently meeting and exceeding standards, you can get more offers beyond transcription.

You get paid with direct deposit on the 15th of each month. No PayPal support.

Here are the rates you get between .4 cents per word to .5 cents per word. For larger projects you get .40 word per minute. You also have additional bonuses for deciphering heavier accents.


When you apply to CastingWords make sure you are over 18 years old. The plus side is CastingWords is available in most countries.Take a short test where you have to transcribe  a simple audio file first. Check the style guide before you begin with this.

That will make sure that you’re going to come successful when you succeed.

As you gain experience you get badges. And the more badges you get the further up you get access to jobs. If the performance declines you lose badges and that’s something you need to be mindful of. If you lose badges around a certain category you won’t be able to take any jobs in the said category.

In addition you’re also going to get grades for every piece of work you complete. That means there’s direct feedback which helps you improve yourselves. If you consistently get lower grades you will lose the badge.

When you are starting out the feedback is generally poor and there’s also tons to learn.

Birch Creek Communications

Birch Creek Communications has a corporate angle to transcription. What you will do here is transcribe audio files and send them to your corporate clients. That’s the reason there aren’t many open positions and only few spots open up. The pay is high and consequently they don’t give you any training.

You get a started rate of 40 cents per minute to 1.75 dollars per minute.

Kendall Communications is the same as Birch Creek Communications but its mostly used for legal transcription.

You get a pay ranging from .75 to 1.75 dollars per page.

9. Crowdsurf

Crowdsurf doesn’t mandate experience. However you need to be ready for an assessment of your skills. The work takes 5 to 30 seconds per clip and you should be able to do the complete job in less than 10 minutes.

Pay starts at 3 cents per minute to 20 cents per minute. There’s also bonus rates in addition.

Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription is on the hunt for professional and also for amateur transcriptionists.

Go to the site and fill up a form and add your resume. If you don’t have previous experience that’s not a problem.

However do mention the same on the resume. When you submit the form, the assessment test is ready. If you pass they tell you. They pay up to a dollar per minute of audio for transcription service.s

GMR Transcription

GMR is country specific and hires only from the US.

To be hired you don’t need experience. However there’s an application test that vigorously tests you.

Neal R. Gross

Neal R Gross has been attending reporting and transcription for high profile govt clients. To be accepted you need to be truly fluent in English and tap out 60 words per minute.

You also need to be able to commit to 30 hours per week and transcribe 5 hours of audio per week.


Tigerfish is the de facto destination for beginner transcriptionists. You need to be 18 years old and live in the US. There’s no demand for previous experience. 

Also note that the application process isn’t complicated at all. Transcribe audio files with their style guide. Then paste the transcripts for each audio file into the application form, mentioning how long it took for you to complete the file. Fill basic info around you and the past experience you have had.

You get .0005 cent per word transcribed.


Ubiqus demands native English writers from around the world. Ideally you need to have between 1 to 5 years of experience but you also need to give them a valid reason why is it that you’re a great fit.

For legal or medical transcription at least 1 year of experience is required.

Verbal Ink

Verbal Ink specializes in transcription with foreign languages and translation.

They are looking for great listening, great typing, good attention to detail and research while also following the style guide they mandate.


To apply you need to be a US citizen and also pay a fee of $10/

Once you apply check your email for their transcription test. The pay is between 60 cents per minute of audo to $3 per minute of audio. Along with bonuses.

You get paid via PayPal on the 15th of every month.

3Play Media

With 3Play Media you will write transcripts and also edit them which have been created automatically with a speech recogmnition tool.

You need a speed of 75 words per minute and be a US citizen. 


Clickworker gets you quality high paid assignments from great companies.

The most successful guys in this business rope in with big podcasts and YouTube channels to create content for them. That means they can charge what they want and have as many clients as they want.

With these sites you can gain experience which you can use to launch your own busines later down the road.

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Ways for teens to make money

Ways for teens to make money

I get it: school life can be tough and that’s why I created this list of ways for teens to make money

Sell things

When at school there are a number of things you can sell. Cards are particularly popular. The only thing to make a profit is to price it at a higher point than what you sold it at.

Cards are always popular despite school, age and time. You can get them on eBay for cheap too and its a great way to make some money soon.

You could sell gums, pencils, you could sell baseball cards or hats and several such things.

Try selling a few short quantities of the said item and see if it sells well and only then reinvest to bulk up your inventory.

Participate in surveys

Surveys help you. Surveys are one of the best ways to make an income on the side. There are many legitimate sites where you will get a number of surveys to fill in your opinion and get money for the same. Longer surveys pay more.

Surveys are particularly beneficial to students because you don’t need a great deal of time to fill them up. Watch surveys seeing Netflix or when you have some time to kill. Also, there’s no need for you to have to complete so many surveys to earn. You can get by with the minimum. Don’t feel like it? Don’t fill them up. Surveys are particularly great for school going teens.


  • One of the best survey sites you can find online is Swagbucks. Has been around since early 2006 and anyone over 13 year old can sign up too.
  • Treasure trooper pays for answering questions, game play and other such things.
  • Toluna has a referral program along with the potential for you to earn money with surveys.


Sign up to these survey sites and more and you get a number of surveys to choose from. That means more earnings for you.


  • Alot a certain time to fill these surveys and you get a number of opportunities.
  • Most survey sites have a referral component built in where you can refer friends and make some extra money courtesy of those referrals.


Search the web and get paid for it also for games

Swagbucks also has a fun side to it allowing you to earn when browsing and playing games. You get payment for a number of activities like searching, watching videos and game play too.

With 300 million dollars paid out as Paypal cash and gift cards there are a number of reward options to choose from. 

Get on YouTube

YouTube is quickly becoming one of the hottest channels for teenagers to earn some money online quickly.

You get tons of ad revenue with YouTube. You can gain anywhere between $1 or higher per thousand views. It also depends on the main country as well. So you might earn more with India than other countries.

Anyone can start a YouTube channel. But not everyone can grow the said channel. To grow it you need to post these videos regularly and gain an advantage over wannabes.

Use some passive earning apps

Everyone has a mobile phone these days and for good reason. Mobiles make life really simple and easy. You could install an app and start earning courtesy of that.

When you install such apps, they collect data about phone usage in  the background. Nothing serious. Just the list of sites you visit, the apps you browse and the time spent on each app. The personal info is anonymized so that your identity is a secret.

There are a few apps that can help. One such app is Smart Panel that will pay you $5 per month and loyalty points for keeping the device connected.

Then there’s surveysavvy that pays you $5 per month and you can connect three devices and get paid for that.


Tutor is just what it sounds like. If you have skills, are knowledgeable use the skills to create lessons and charge people for the same


  • You can teach a number of school subjects
  • You can teach instruments or a language


The list is big there are also sites that pay you to register yourselves and start earning.

Use a skill to make money

There are dozens of skills especially useful in the online world that can help you earn a lot.

There are tons of things anyone can do to make some money online. There are great skills to use like freelance writing, copywriting and my fav market research. These skills need some honing for you to work with them and get something going.

Pet Sit

Pet sitting or house sitting is a pretty passive gig. Bonus points if you have taken care of pets of your own before. That will help you land the job quickly.


Babysitting is another popular and passive way for you to earn money. It also pays well and you can sit extremely comfortably watching kids watch tv while you do homework. Babysitting work is mostly done from friends and family referrals.

Mow lawns 

The all time favorite teen work is mowing loans. You can do yard work such as this with a simple kit or use their own mower to get started.


  • You can also do other yard work like watering plants or weeding your garden or collecting dog poop


Make an Etsy Store

An etsy store is a wonderful idea for passive income online. Because you don’t need a collection of items to dropship. If you’re skilled you can start manufacturing out your own.

You can also purchase stuff from arts and crafts stores and list them on your Etsy store.

Sell gigs on Fiverr

Unlike what most people tend to believe Fiverr isn’t just the place for $5 gigs. You can earn a lot more and see that there’s a large list of ideas you can implement. Most services revolve around digital marketing but there are also several other odd jobs like counselling, painting and fortune telling you can do. Fiverr is a great marketplace for such things. You can create designs,. Or logos as well.


You could rent out a number of things and that gives you opportunity to make money. Elon Musk used to rent out his apartment for parties and make money that way. He funded entire education conducting parties for kids. You can rent out bicycles, video games and other things to make money.

any extra bottles and cans you could take.

Help People with Technology

This is one thing I love a lot. You might not know itbut technology is hard for a lot of people. Especially older folks. As a teen you’re waking and sleeping with gadgets and phones and a lot of the stuff like buying online or setting  password or resetting wi fi modems can be a lot of work for older fold.

You can install software, take careof tiny problems.

If these are the problems you come across you can charge a little and offer to save them time.

Create and Sell Art

There are plenty of places online where you can sell art and its a valuable skill that can help you earn something. There are online marketplaces where you can sell mugs and t shirts and make money with them.

Sell Stock Photos

Stock photos are a big requirement for businesses across the country. They need fresh photos and ther’es only so much iStock can do. You can post them on Flickr or other similar sites and get them to pay you.

Stream on

With you could stream yourselves online playing video games or other things and you can earn money through ads, the number of subscribers and other things.

If you really like playing video games this is one of those things you can engage in and make a lot of money with it.\

Start a Blog

This is a blog that makes money and can you too with your blog. If passionate about a topic share the passion by talking about it on a blog until you become an authority on the subject. Teach people some of what you know.

You can also earn money by creating an account at TD bank. If you are over 17 and a student there’s no monthly fee or other charges associated with the account.


There are dozens of different ways for you to make money as a teen. These plenty of waysthat I wrote about here can give you some idea regarding what works online.

Stick to a hustle and work on it and see if it works for you and you earn. If not do something else from this list.

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Apps that pay you to walk 2020


Apps that pay you to walk


SweatCoin is an app with which you can walk outside and get paid for it while you do so.

Walking outside your house alone counts and inside doesn’t really matter at all when it comes to earning money with the said app.


Here’s the process how it works:

Sweatcoin gets you .95 Sweatcoins when you take 1000 outdoor steps. These Sweatcoins that you gain are similar to cryptocurrencies and you can use those coins to redeem rewards within the Sweatcoin app. You can also send these rewards over to your friends.

You earn these rewards and the rewards are new and changing daily so you get a lot of choice and can use those points toward something you really like.

Carrot 2.0

Carrot a Canada based app has been around since 2015 but was partially shut down in 2019 because they ran out of funds.

However they have been since relaunched.

Carrot 2.0 has been undertaken by new owners and is in waitlist. You can sign up only by joining the waitlist of the app.


This is how the app works and gets you points for earning.

There are several main features of the Carrot app. Primarily the step challenges.

The main feature of Carrot are the step challenges. That means you can decide a goal for the number of steps you want to reach in a day and Carrot will keep that as a challenge. This isn’t some random estimate. The app takes over a week to analyze the number of steps you take and arrives at a step goal. So it can be an individually tailored number from few thousands to to hundreds.

Once the step goals are determined you start earning points. Once you hit step goals and complete step up challenges by meeting goals you can also invite friends for participant challenges where you can challenge a friend and see how it goes.

Along with this there are more avenues to earn points by completing small health surveys.

You earn points for shopping

There are scene points that enable you to get free movies

You get petro points

And again you get aeroplan miles as well.

You get scene points and a 1000 such points means a free movie ticket. That means free movies for you to watch.



Runtopia is an app designed to help you achieve your fitness goals and gets you rewards when you do so.

With Runtopia set exercise goals for running for walking and for cycling. You also have a coach guiding you when you conduct your workouts.

With training programs built in the app you can warm up, stretch, lose weight and also do more such things.

Some of these features need you to have premier membership but some of the functions are free to use as well.

With Runtopia complete daily tasks in the app and participate in the community to earn Sports coins. These coins can be redeemed against products, against memberships, coupons, and also you can get PayPal cash.

Sports coins have an annual duration and expire after March 1st.


LifeCoin is quite similar to SweatCoin in what it does. The functions and feature sets are same. You can earn Lifecoins for steps outside your home and as a free user you earn 5 Lifecoins.

Here are several differentiating features of SweatCoin.

You can upgrade and earn more than 10 Lifecoins in a day. This is possible if you shell out $4.33 per month. You also get premium access to other top apps from their shelf with the Azumio premium subscription.

Lifecoin presents you with a big assortment of gift cards to choose from. Or you can redeem the coins against a variety of products like airpods, a quadcopter, beats headphones. These rewards are never constant and get updated every now and then. Also these rewards are given out on a first come first served basis so that means you might not be able to get something you planned for long. However the variety and richness of the catalogue more than makes up for it.


Achievement is a great app that rewards you for a number of activities. You can do a lot of healthy activities. 

When you sign up you get 100 free points. 

Achievement has another splendid feature in that you can link other health apps. There are over 29 different apps to choose from and once you link these apps you can start earning points from these apps doing stuff you already are doing.

There are different ways to earn money with Achievement instead of walking alone and so the number of ways to do this are more too. Once you earn over 10000 points you can redeem it for $10.


StepBet is different from other similar apps on the list because there’s some risk with them. You not only get paid to walk, you also get paid to do a number of different things. Instead of just walking you can bet on yourself and compete against other players to win.

Here’s how the whole thing works.

Once you sign up to StepBet you can connect the fitness tracker and walk more steps than your daily goals. As you walk more and take yourselves up for a challenge you can set different goals and join games and make bets for over $40

Once you make a step goal you must hit those goals 6 times each week otherwise you will lose.

Charity Miles

Charity Miles doesn’t exactly pay you to walk. It doesn’t mean there’s no money or walking involved. Instead when you walk you will get paid for earning for your favorite charities.


Charity miles members have earned 2.5 million dollars walking, and running.

Ther are 42 differenten charities listed.. Pick one. Charity miles app measures distance you walked and donates the money earned based on how far you went.

It’s pretty simple.

There are 8 sponsors who repurpose the advertise budget for charity. So that these sponsors pay directly to charities instead of earning something for themselves.


Lympo doesn’t simply pay you for steps. Lympo does a number of things. They not only pay you for steps but also for walking or for running challenges as well.

As a result of this more and more challenges get added and the app gets updated. On completing each challenge you earn LYM tokens. You can redeem these tokens and get rewards for the same.

You can participate in these challenges either inside your home, on the outside, on a treadmill, or anywhere else for that matter. You can also connect different health trackers and make it even easier for you to track the step.s

When you want to redeem the tokens you can only redeem them against products of the moment.

These tokens hold currency value and in the future might be able to redeem against dollars was well. You can withdraw these tokens to a wallet too.

You can also get Amazon gift cards and other products as bonus.


PK Rewards

Pk Rewards was known as PK coins before and you will get paid for walking, doing simple exercises among other things. If you’re doing any sort of physical movement, you will earn with these apps.

You can run walk, or do simple things like that and connect the app for it to record all these things that you do that.

The rewards app connects with bluetooth trackers. Once you start exercising or walking, click on start earning and the app will start tracing your journey and will reward you automatically.

Once the workout is done and over with you can hit that button and it will stop tracking. The more exercise you do the more you get rewards and the more you earn. There are several brands like Amazon and Nike to choose from.


Walgreens Balance Rewards

Wallgreens Balance rewards program is a boon for those who shop frequently at Walgreens. You may not know this but Walgreens has a super cool balance rewards program. You can earn more of these points by simply walking.

When you walk you earn 20 points. You earn over 1000 points a month when you walk. These points all have cash value. For every 1000 points you get $1 off purchase.



Fitpotato is a great app with which you can do your normal regular walking and get cash for free. With FitPotato you can bet on yourself and get a chance to accrue a greater reward.


Here’s how the whole thing works. There’s a cash prize pool which is around $1000. To win that money money you need to place a bet of $5 on yourself.To get a shot at winning that money you need to complete the steps required to complete 6000 steps.


At the end of each you need to sync the steps with your app. Once you complete 3 sessions you get a share of that money.



Earthmiles is an easy to understand concept that pays Earthmiles when you walk run or bike.


The uniqueness of the app comes from the fact that there are harder exercises that pay you earthmiles in greater numbers.

You can get 1 earthmile for 1 km walking, 1 km of running gets 5 earthmiles and 1 km cycling 3 earthmiles.

These earthmiles can be spent on friendly and health oriented rewards. These rewards get updated each week, getting you discounts, supplements and other things.


Fit For Bucks


This is another simple app that rewards for simple movements like walking or running.

When you get more rewards you can redeem them.

Walk 30000 steps and get a 30 min massage for free.


Get a 16oz smoothie with 50000 steps

You get a cup of coffee for 35000 steps

The rewards are from LA merchants but more cities will get added soon.