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Cash Back Apps for 2020

Cash Back Apps for 2020

Cashback apps take the hard work out of making money. It’s simple really. All you have to do is shop. If you spend a little time shopping you need not engage in clicking ads or reading emails. Just get back some of what you shop.

The cashback apps are a true savior in this regard. You can save cash by shopping.

Here’s how.

Things food and clothes are a staple of modern existence. So when you’re buying stuff even if all the things you purchase just tally up to the basics here’s something you can do.

You can get discounts based on how much you’re spending and how much stuff you’re purchasing.

So even if its just as low as 1 percent the cashback grows large and adds up really quickly.

When you combine more apps with more coupons you get more in savings.

Here are the best to note

  1. Mr. Rebates
  2. Rakuten
  3. Seated
  4. Ritual
  5. Fetch Rewards
  6. GetUpside
  7. Freebird

Mr. Rebates

It’s a popular cash back shopping site. And is one of the few real ones. The site has been around for longer than you can imagine and you can hope to get handed doles and doles of cashbacks and discounts with them.

With cashback sites and apps the best thing is you can shop as usual at your favorite retail haunts like Dell, Staples or Ebay. These are all partners with Mr Rebates and earn you cashback for quite little.

A check or PayPal withdrawal is something you can choose to get the money credited to your account.

When you sign up you can get  a $5 bonus for free.


Rakuten was earlier known as Ebates, another quite popular cash back site that earns you real money for shopping.

Similar to Mr Rebates you get PayPal or check. Get $10 as bonus when you sign up and when you spend $25 as member in the first 3 months.

Get both of them. But you can always cross compare cashbacks across both platforms and wsee which one’s better and go with that.

If you purchase on sites regularly you know that few offers have more percentage as cashback available.

Check this before you purchase.


Seated is the best app for getting discounts on restaurant reservations.

The app gives you 40% or more of the restaurant bill. With this you get money whether you eat at the restaurant, take a pick up or deliver it to your home.

THe app is only listed for Boston, New York city, Atlanta, Chicago and Philadelphia.

If you eat out, make the reservation or the order through the app to be considered for cashback.

Upload the receipt for earning money. Once you do you get a notification saying what you earn for the same. The Once you upload your receipt, rewards program is generous in doling out money and that’s the reason why its the coolest app you will lay your eyes on.

YOu get a $25 bonus with us.


Seated is generous but unfortunately isn’t available everywhere. So if you’re in the same boat as many others use Ritual.

  • Available in 43 cities across the world: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Brisbane, Calgary, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Edmonton, Fort Worth, Halifax, Hamilton, Hong Kong, Houston, Indianapolis, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Montréal, New Orleans, New York, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, St. Louis, Sydney, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington DC, Waterloo

Ritual has social component built in. Place an order and get it through a local restaurant. You skip the snaking queue this save, save time and also be paid cashback for what its worth.

Ordering food on app isn’t new. Ritual lets you piggyback on other orders placed at the same time as during the work week you do. 

Fetch Rewards

With fetch rewards you stand to gain a lot of money as cashback and also as rewards when you scan grocery receipts and upload them to Fetc.

WIth fetch rewards there are a number of options and fields to choose from. You can purchase at grocery or supermarkets, drug stores, at pharmacies and also when buying alcohol. The app bankrolls almost everything. With Fetch rewards you can earn rewards on almost all stores imaginable.

The app with its bonus section helps you get cash backs faster and gets you more rewards.

When you sign up you get 2000 reward points.


GetUpside helps you get cashback on gas purchases when you upload the receipts. Per gallon of gas as 12107 gas stations in 40 states also Canada you just need to select the right one and take the receipt and upload it.

Simple as that.


Free bird is a dream come true for all those who travel on taxis from Uber and Lyft. Earn as much cashback as you want. When you use the app and get it to book a ride you get cashback. Freebird connects to the apps and helps take the ride through their app.

And gets you cashback.