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Chase Pay yourself back extension April 30 2021

Chase Extends “Pay Yourself Back” Feature To April 30, 2021


Credit card companies are on a perk and benefit adding spree with Covid slowing down credit growth. One such scheme is from Chase called the Pay yourself back offer. It’s going to be extended and we’re today going to talk about the same.

Chase “Pay Yourself Back” Feature

Ith Pay yourself back Chase spurced up the deal with new features that had a lot of temporary benefits.

The feature is available for chase sapphire reserve and preferred card. The cardholders can redeem their points against grocery purchase, dining and purchasing home improvement items.


  • With the card redeem the points for reward points at 1.5 cents per point towards purchase.
  • With the preferred card you get 1.25 cents per point towards eligible purchase.

Starting from October 1 2020 this is going to be extended to chase ink and freedom cards as well. You get 1.25 cents per point for online advertising an contributes to charity.

In general scenario you get 1 cent per point. So 10000 points will be $100.

“Pay Yourself Back” Extension

This feature was supposed to last only through September 30 2020.. But now has been extended to April 30 2021

  • The purchase categories can changge from grocery and dining to others 
  • The categories can rotate.

Only the ultimate rewards point that let you book flights and hotels and changed much of ouyrhcase bahvor has result in this.

How To Use “Pay Yourself Back”

The feature is really easy to set up and use. Here’s all that you need to do:

Step 1: Go To The Chase Ultimate Rewards Portal

Find the pay yourself back feature by going to chase account and clik through to chase ultimate rewards portal.

Once you are there go to the earn/use tab and click.

Step 2: Select Eligible Purchases To Pay Yourself Back With

The screen shows you all the list of purchases that you can pay yourself with. You need to select one more transactions. From date of purchase you have 90 days to use the fatueare. No  neleigalbe transitions don’t show.

Step 3: Enter The Dollar Amount To Get Back

Finally you get the amount of cash you can redeem for the said amuotn.

You can opt for the full amount or just a small amount.

Today you caan get a lot of money with this feature. Transfer points to money and purchase things.

I’m definitely redeeming a chunk.

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