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Earn 5% In eBay Bucks shortime offer.


Here are the promotion details of the program on ebay. This is particularly useful if you shop around on eBay muc and can join the ebay bucks rewards program wic is particularly rewarding to anyone.

After you join the program you get a percentage of ebay purchases back as credits in the form of eBay bucks. This is a virtual currency that can be cashed out against future purchases on the site


Here are the complete details regarding the program. You generally earn 1 percent cashback on eBay purchases. This is the norm throughout the year but certain times during the year they have these promos runnin where you can promote eBay bucks and get more cash back during this promo period.

During this time and now you earn 5 cashback.


From August 10 on August 12 pure you get 5% cashback in the form of ebay bucks 


Ou e a maximum of $100 per ransacion and $500 during promotion period too.


Click on  the activate button to see if you’re eligible for the offer. You will get a congratulations message if your account is targeted.


The promotion already started at  am on august 10 and ends on august 12.

Any qualifying purchases will give you the required amount.

The rewards are capped at $100 per transaction and $500 per period 

Te purchases also need to be completed prior to before te promo ends.


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