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HULU Black Friday offer at $1.99/month

HULU black friday offer- Stream shows


Hulu is a subscription streaming service. If you heard of Netflix Hulu is no stranger.

The handmaid’s tale is one of the most popular hulu shows. Another show I watched and that which has ended is Future man.

Hulu’s pricing tiers vary. This month’

S 1.99 black friday deal is for the basic tier. You get all the tv shows and exclusive content. But this is supported by ads and that’s a problem.

No live tv either.


If you are into streaming you may want to ditch cable and can save moneythat way. Hulu is one of the best ways to save money. By using Netflix or Hulu you can completely disavow cable and save.

Don’t think you are going to miss cable because of the live tv option available.

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