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50 money saving tips you can get started with now

50 money saving tips you can get started with now

 time to get started with the money-saving tips.

1. Build an Emergency Fund

With an emergency fund you have a strict amount of money that you plan on using only during an emergency and not before.

WIth this money this saves you for an emergency situation. With cash saveed up, you need not go into debt for paying for emergencies.

Stick with a budget

Almost anyone can make a budget but sticking with it is an altogether different story. To have personal finance success you need to stick with it.

A budget is important because it gives you a strong idea regarding monetary outflows. You get to know exactly where your money goes each month, how much you’re making and everything else.

Decide what you want to do with the money with a goal

It’s easier to save and make sacrifices if you know exactly what you’re going to get with it. Goals are motivating and help your journey towards something worth achieving.

These are the most important points to note when goal setting.

  • The goals should be specific. You need to be able to decide the exact amount you want to save.
  • The goals can be both long term or short term. Think of both. The short term goals should be really easy to achieve. And these short term goals should take you closer to what you really want
  • It’s difficult to understand if you’re progressing in the right direction if you don’t keep track of your goals. You need to measure progress and come up with new plans and strategies.

Start Earning Cash Back

One of the smartest ways and the way which takes the least effort is to use cashback sites and apps to save money that you’d have otherwise lost. It is still worth it.

  • Ebates – Ebates formerly known as Rauketen is one of the best sites to earn cashback. Integrates with 2100 stores and free 10 dollar bonus if you sign up with my link./
  • Drop Drop gets you cash back at your fav stores if you link the credit card. It doesn’t require any receipt scanning either. 

Save money on grocery shopping

Groceries generally consume a big portion of our budget but there are ways to save money on groceries. One easy way to save on groceries is using a credit card that get syou cashback on that. Or using store cards that give you cash back.

Pay less money on bills 

Bills seem a  necessary condition of human existence. All of our lives is spent paying off those bills.

You can reduce your bills by learning how to negotiate on those bills. You only need to place a few phone calls to make this happen.

However if you don’t want that you can always sign up for Trim and let them do the negotiation for you.

Invest in meal planning

One of the prime money saving tips is to invest time into meal planning. Buying stuff in bulk when they’re cheap saves a lot of money for you and you can do this over and over again. Planning meals helps you minimize waste as well.

You can use the weekend to prepare meals for the week coming ahead. You save both time and money.

  • This way you reduce the number of trips to the grocery store.
  • You throw out less food.
  • You can do more stuff you like because you planned meals in advance.

Get rid of Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt is not something you’d want to keep for long. Why? The interest rates are outrageous to say the least.

The interest rates are in the range of 40 percent apr. So get them off as soon as possible.

Get a personal finance app

The days are long gone when you could scribble something in the notepad and plan about making a budget and your finances. These days there are budgeting, spend tracking apps that automate a lot of saving. It saves time and that’s why is less painful. It’s difficult to decide which one to pick because there are so many choices.

Here are some of the best:

  • You Need a Budget – This app isn’t free but well worth it. Whatever you need, consider the feature is already there
  • Min is free and good at tracking and for simple buidgets.

Use Paribus

Paribus is something that lets you forget regrets.

This often happens that you purchase something and a few weeks later the price goes down. To avoid such problems and get the benefit of the price change simply send an email to the store and they will send back the difference to you.

Paribuns automates this by negotiating with the store for you.

The thing is after purchase you are never going to go back and see the reduction in price. Paribus automates even that and negotiates for you. So you save a lot of money that way.

Use Cash

The benefit of using cash is you know how much you’re spending and tend to spend less. With credit card people tend to spend more since there are no limits and you can spend what you want.

Don’t use the cable. 

On average you pay $100 a month for cable. That is you nearly shell out 1200 dollars a year. And in most cases cable isn’t worth the money.

  1. You can cancel it 
  2. Or you can choose for a lower subscription pack or you can choose for a negotiated bill with Trim

Throw out what you don’t need

There are things in your house that have been there forever. How much of it do you really need?

If you clean your house you will discover that there’s a ton of things you no longer use and can sell on craigslist or ebay. It’s junk lying around your house and that which you can use to get some profit.

20. Cut Your Own Hair

If you can cut your own hair, you will save at least a 100 dollars in costs. You will also save both time and money.

Buy Used to Save Money

To save more money go with second hand stuff. This way you’re going to be able to save tons of money. The quality won’t suffer either.

Workout at Home

Most people have gym memberships they never use. They spend a thousand dollars or more a year in a gym membership. However the struggle may not always be worth it.

Look into ways to save costs both inside and outside home with the help of workout apps.

Fix Things Yourself

This is something I live by. I wasted hundreds of dollars trying to get the repair man fix my sony laptop. And everytime he did, it went undone in less than a month. If you don’t want the same thing happening to you, you need to learn and fix stuff on your own. Its easy with Youtube. Learn all kinds of art making and DIY crafting with youtube.

Spend on quality

Saving money isn’t about being a cheapo and not spending anything at all. It’s also about spending money wisely.

Instead of spending 10 dollars on something that doesn’t last spend on something that lasts long.

Take Advantage of Promos

If yoiu want to shop and buy something, learn that most stores will get great promos to first time users. A lot of these stores are offering discounts if you are part of their email lists too.

Use the 24 hour rule

If you are about to make a big purchase, before pushing the buy button sit out the decision for a period of 24 hours. This helps you decide if the purchase is worth the money or not. If you still buy after 24 hours the purchase is well worth it. Otherwise not.

For other purchases wait for 30 days.

Don’t Fast Food

Fast food isn’t good for you. It’s bad for health.

And fast food can quickly add up to a lot.

Instead of binging on fast food, make more portions of your meals and freeze those or cook healthy snacks. Thats better.

Pack a Lunch

Instead of purchasing lunch at work which isn’t great for the wallet, go to someplace where you bring your lunch. Taskeout lunches cost thrice the amount you’d make on your own and that’s how you save that much money.

Move Somewhere Cheaper

Rent is something you’re sploshing on right?

It’s no good to spend so much money on rent needlessly. Bigger house means more money on upkeep and other things. You’re going to be much happier in a small house.

Start a Kitchen Garden

A kitchen garden is more than a hobby and can save you tons on groceries every year. After planting all it takes is watering and fertilizing and you can have all the vegetables you want.

You can also grow crops in a terrace garden.


If you are regularly going to office one of the ways to save some money is through carpooling. There are people transiting through the same route and you can carpool on Uber or Lyft to save money.

Do It Yourself

There are additional things in the house you can do to save money. You can do DIY and other things.

Maintain the car

Car maintenance means regular upkeep of the car so that it doesn’t disappoint you later down the road.

Don’t ignore weird noises. It could be that the visit to the mechanic has come calling.

Regularly maintain the car. That saves a lot of money for you.

Check Your Credit Report for Free

The credit report tells others and you how good you are at managing youf finances. Applying for a new loan or card means companies are going to pull that report.

They will check the report. Credit report is essential. It’s important to maintain a good score and accessing credit reports generally costs a lot of money.

Use credit sesame with such tools check the credit report for free.

Save Money on Travel

Travelling is generally expensive. You can save money though.

Water is great

Water is great for health and also saves money. Instead of opting for soda drink a glass of water to savemoney. Also avoid plastic packs of water.

Work From Home

Working from home has a number of benefits chief of which is it saves you commuting costs. It isn’t for all but if you do work from home the savings can be great.

  1. There are couple of ways to save money with this. Less commuting means less money spent on gas and also on maintaining the car since it runs less.
  2. The second thing is with working from home you are eliminating the need to go for lunch or coffee all of which adds up to a big amount.

Use Programmable Thermostat

With a programmable thermostat you can save a ton on energy bills. If that doesn’t seem like a lot think of it this way. If you’re spending huge amounts on gas and electricity using a programmable thermostat can result in huge savings annually.

Refinance Your Student Loans

Mostly we tend to end up paying big interests on student loans. If the interest rate is above 6% you should look into refinancing student loans. Otherwise you are going to end up paying more than what you should really pay.

ake Online Surveys

Taking surveys doesn’t save money but helps you make some.

It’s a clean and easy way to make some money online. Surveys are mostly easy and only take a few minutes of your time. Once you fill up those you can save money and make money.

Go to staycations

Instead of booking hotels for expensive hotels explore your own land.

Use Airbnb

Airbnb is a fun way to find houses or apartments to stay at.

Start Investing

If your money isn’t growing your are losing money. There are tons of options that let you save money.

You could use roboadvisors to handle the bulk of work for you.

Get Swagbucks

With Swagbucks there are plenty of options to make extra. There’s a discovery and shopping seciton on Swagbucks that lists a variety of deals.

These sections have deals where you can get a lot of cashback.

Keep track of transactions

Almost every week or so keep track of your transactions. This way you where exactly you are spending money on

Also always pay your credit card due bills in full.


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