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Panera bread 20 off


Panera Bread’s new promotion means you can e 20 percent of Panera bread when purchased online.

Up until september 2020 you will  Panera if cards where you can purchase them directly.

YOu get a 20 percent discount on all retail and dial if card purchases are made with Panera.

E discount is applicable only while e supplies las and no afer.

Here’s the link for the complete list of terms and conditions surrounding the offer.

What’s even better is Panera bread gift cards purchased online with credit cards lets you save even more by way of earning points out of them.

With the standard amex gold card you get 4x the points

With the green card you get thrice the number of points.

With capital one savor cash rewards you get 4x the reward points and with sapphire reserve cards 3x the number of points

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