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PNC Checking Bonus of $50, $200 and $300

With PNC checking account you’re in for a deal as there are three levels of bonuses available. The bonus will be paid in roughly 60 to 90 days after meeting the requirements of the account.


The bonus amount depends on the account you open.

The pnc $50 checking bonus is one such available. With that you get access to a virtual wallet and within the first 60 days you need to add at least $500 into the new account.


The PNC $50 bonus requirements are met


Here are the instructions for th $200 checking bonus for PNC


You can open and use the new virtual walet with performance spend checking account.


You should make direct deposits totalling $2000 or more into the new account within the first 60 days.

You get the PNC $200 bonus

To get the PNC $300 bonus here’s what you should do


Use the new virtual wallet with performance select checking account. Make direct deposits more than $5000 into the account within the first 60 days and you get the $300 checking bonus.


Who gets the bonus

As long as you’re a new account holder with PNC bank you qualify for the bonus. The personal checking account should be active for more than 90 days and also if there’s an old account, it should have been closed more than 90 days ago.

If you received a bonus from PNC bank that should have been more than 12 moths ago.


If you live in certain states you qualify for the offer but in this case there are no state restrictions.


The account is available nationwide and expires by 31 August 2020

There’s no household limit meaning everyone in the family stands to get the bonus too.


Direct deposit is required between $500 and $5000 depending on what you want the bonus to be.


THe credit inquiry is a soft pull on your credit card.

If you close the account within 6 months there’s a termination fee of $25


The checking accounts tend to have a monthly fee usually between $7 and $25 but they too can be waived off if you do the following.


Add and maintain $500 or more in the monthly average balance.

$500 or more in monthly direct deposits as well


Is an account holder who is more than 62 years of age

PNC performance spending checking account 

For 200 or more bonus


You should maintain $2000 or more in the monthly average balance. 

You should also make $2000 or more in qualifying monthly direct deposits.


You should have at least $10000 in the monthly average balance across all PNC accounts you have.


The PNC performance select checking account with $300 bonus.


To get the $25 monthly fee waived you need the following.

$5000 at least in monthly average balances 

$5000 in monthly direct deposits


Have $25000 in average monthly balance across all personal PNC accounts and investments.


Here are the terms and conditions

With the virtual wallet performance select you get a $300 reward and a $50 reward if you open a new virtual wallet.

With the virtual wallet you will be considered for just one reward amount.


To get the reward, open a new checking account with the online application link between 1 and 31 August with the link


The direct deposits must be made under 60 days too.

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