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Ways for teens to make money

Ways for teens to make money

I get it: school life can be tough and that’s why I created this list of ways for teens to make money

Sell things

When at school there are a number of things you can sell. Cards are particularly popular. The only thing to make a profit is to price it at a higher point than what you sold it at.

Cards are always popular despite school, age and time. You can get them on eBay for cheap too and its a great way to make some money soon.

You could sell gums, pencils, you could sell baseball cards or hats and several such things.

Try selling a few short quantities of the said item and see if it sells well and only then reinvest to bulk up your inventory.

Participate in surveys

Surveys help you. Surveys are one of the best ways to make an income on the side. There are many legitimate sites where you will get a number of surveys to fill in your opinion and get money for the same. Longer surveys pay more.

Surveys are particularly beneficial to students because you don’t need a great deal of time to fill them up. Watch surveys seeing Netflix or when you have some time to kill. Also, there’s no need for you to have to complete so many surveys to earn. You can get by with the minimum. Don’t feel like it? Don’t fill them up. Surveys are particularly great for school going teens.


  • One of the best survey sites you can find online is Swagbucks. Has been around since early 2006 and anyone over 13 year old can sign up too.
  • Treasure trooper pays for answering questions, game play and other such things.
  • Toluna has a referral program along with the potential for you to earn money with surveys.


Sign up to these survey sites and more and you get a number of surveys to choose from. That means more earnings for you.


  • Alot a certain time to fill these surveys and you get a number of opportunities.
  • Most survey sites have a referral component built in where you can refer friends and make some extra money courtesy of those referrals.


Search the web and get paid for it also for games

Swagbucks also has a fun side to it allowing you to earn when browsing and playing games. You get payment for a number of activities like searching, watching videos and game play too.

With 300 million dollars paid out as Paypal cash and gift cards there are a number of reward options to choose from. 

Get on YouTube

YouTube is quickly becoming one of the hottest channels for teenagers to earn some money online quickly.

You get tons of ad revenue with YouTube. You can gain anywhere between $1 or higher per thousand views. It also depends on the main country as well. So you might earn more with India than other countries.

Anyone can start a YouTube channel. But not everyone can grow the said channel. To grow it you need to post these videos regularly and gain an advantage over wannabes.

Use some passive earning apps

Everyone has a mobile phone these days and for good reason. Mobiles make life really simple and easy. You could install an app and start earning courtesy of that.

When you install such apps, they collect data about phone usage in  the background. Nothing serious. Just the list of sites you visit, the apps you browse and the time spent on each app. The personal info is anonymized so that your identity is a secret.

There are a few apps that can help. One such app is Smart Panel that will pay you $5 per month and loyalty points for keeping the device connected.

Then there’s surveysavvy that pays you $5 per month and you can connect three devices and get paid for that.


Tutor is just what it sounds like. If you have skills, are knowledgeable use the skills to create lessons and charge people for the same


  • You can teach a number of school subjects
  • You can teach instruments or a language


The list is big there are also sites that pay you to register yourselves and start earning.

Use a skill to make money

There are dozens of skills especially useful in the online world that can help you earn a lot.

There are tons of things anyone can do to make some money online. There are great skills to use like freelance writing, copywriting and my fav market research. These skills need some honing for you to work with them and get something going.

Pet Sit

Pet sitting or house sitting is a pretty passive gig. Bonus points if you have taken care of pets of your own before. That will help you land the job quickly.


Babysitting is another popular and passive way for you to earn money. It also pays well and you can sit extremely comfortably watching kids watch tv while you do homework. Babysitting work is mostly done from friends and family referrals.

Mow lawns 

The all time favorite teen work is mowing loans. You can do yard work such as this with a simple kit or use their own mower to get started.


  • You can also do other yard work like watering plants or weeding your garden or collecting dog poop


Make an Etsy Store

An etsy store is a wonderful idea for passive income online. Because you don’t need a collection of items to dropship. If you’re skilled you can start manufacturing out your own.

You can also purchase stuff from arts and crafts stores and list them on your Etsy store.

Sell gigs on Fiverr

Unlike what most people tend to believe Fiverr isn’t just the place for $5 gigs. You can earn a lot more and see that there’s a large list of ideas you can implement. Most services revolve around digital marketing but there are also several other odd jobs like counselling, painting and fortune telling you can do. Fiverr is a great marketplace for such things. You can create designs,. Or logos as well.


You could rent out a number of things and that gives you opportunity to make money. Elon Musk used to rent out his apartment for parties and make money that way. He funded entire education conducting parties for kids. You can rent out bicycles, video games and other things to make money.

any extra bottles and cans you could take.

Help People with Technology

This is one thing I love a lot. You might not know itbut technology is hard for a lot of people. Especially older folks. As a teen you’re waking and sleeping with gadgets and phones and a lot of the stuff like buying online or setting  password or resetting wi fi modems can be a lot of work for older fold.

You can install software, take careof tiny problems.

If these are the problems you come across you can charge a little and offer to save them time.

Create and Sell Art

There are plenty of places online where you can sell art and its a valuable skill that can help you earn something. There are online marketplaces where you can sell mugs and t shirts and make money with them.

Sell Stock Photos

Stock photos are a big requirement for businesses across the country. They need fresh photos and ther’es only so much iStock can do. You can post them on Flickr or other similar sites and get them to pay you.

Stream on

With you could stream yourselves online playing video games or other things and you can earn money through ads, the number of subscribers and other things.

If you really like playing video games this is one of those things you can engage in and make a lot of money with it.\

Start a Blog

This is a blog that makes money and can you too with your blog. If passionate about a topic share the passion by talking about it on a blog until you become an authority on the subject. Teach people some of what you know.

You can also earn money by creating an account at TD bank. If you are over 17 and a student there’s no monthly fee or other charges associated with the account.


There are dozens of different ways for you to make money as a teen. These plenty of waysthat I wrote about here can give you some idea regarding what works online.

Stick to a hustle and work on it and see if it works for you and you earn. If not do something else from this list.

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