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UPS My Choice Premium Promo Code

UPS My Choice Premium Promo Code UPSMYCHOICE10 Gives You 50% Off

UPS My Choice Premium promo code UPSMYCHOICE gives you $10 off on their annual membership program. With this UPS my choice premium you get over 50% discount.

UPS My Choice Premium

UPS My Choice Premium is your upgrade from UPS My Choice. With this Premum plan you get the following benefits:

  • Choose the number of deliveries to UPS access point locations
  • No fees for changing either delivery day or address
  • All Sure Post packages get free upgrade to UPS ground at no further cost
  • Redirect all packages to another delivery location. FOR FREE
  • Personalized deliveries by deciding the where, when and how of package delivery

The service costs $19.99 annually. But with the promo code you’re going to get it for way lower

UPS My Choice Premium Promo Code

With this promo code you’re going to get UPS My Choice Premium plan for $10 with the promo code code UPSMYCHOICE10.


The prmo code expires by 12/21/2021


Step by step process to add My choice promo code

  1. Register forthe UPS MY choice account from this link here.
  2. In the Promotion code field enter the code UPSMYCHOICE10 at the bottom of the page
  3. Click on Apply
  4. CLick next and finish checking out.

Remember that when it renews the charge is going to be $19.99. WIth renewal there are taxes too.

How to cancel UPS My Choice membership?

To avoid being charged for the renewal cancel the policy before the end of the current plan. Call 1800 pick ups or visit the manage my memberships page


THe MyChoice Premium plan has a lot of benefits. You don’t have to worry about someone stealing the package. If valuables are delivered you can redirect it to another location. This lets you pick up when convenient.

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