Simple ways to reduce electricity bill in Winters

Simple ways to reduce electricity bill in Winters

Energy bills can be a really big sucker. However there are definitely many ways to reduce those bills and save energy. In this post we are going to discuss the same with you.

Temperatures start falling around in fall and head through winter. During this time the energy bills courtesy of heating costs tend to go sky high. Resulting in much greater energy bills than usual.

IT ONLY requires some foresight on your part to reduce these energy bills.

Close curtains at night and open in the morning.

With curtains open through the day, the sun can warm your home and at night closing the windows keeps the heat inside and keeps the cold also outside.

The change is small but these and other tips will help save those bills for you.

Get a thermostat

With a thermostat you can save a lot in energy bills throughout the year.


These devices can be programmed to keep track of how you work and times when you’re at home/ You can also set these temperatures up with the help of your smartphone.

3. Clean out your fridge

With your home there’s a fridge that has been accumulating stuff for months on end. You might be afraid of opening and using the energy. But, these are consuming needless energy. While at it, set your temperature to lower because during winter you don’t need all that heat. You need less energy. Also throwing out useless things helps you conserve some energy too.

Make your fireplace more efficient

Your fireplace is one of those areas where you can conserve energy. Wood fireplaces are however inefficient when it comes to heating the room. You simply expend all that energy wit nothing happening. Instead, skip on that.

Fireplace drafts are better since they pull warm to the energy and use more energy to reheat all those rooms.

So make sure that the wood isn’t wet. This might cause more smoke rather than heat.

Use a hot water bottle to stay warm when sleeping

When sleeping you might hate it if your hands and legs are frozen. Nobody likes being chilly at night. Instead, turn up the heat on the thermostat with a water bottle and try and stay warm when you’re asleep.

You will getthe heat from the water bottle that helps you stay warm during the entire duration and energy bill will be much lower than using current to heat up the home.

Clean your windows

One of the best ways to stay warm is to clean those windows. For heat to enter your house properly you need to have super clean windows. This allows sunlight to enter and light up the entire home. That way clean windows will help.

Rempe air conditioning

Starting with fall, there aren’t many warm days. That’s great news for you. Take down the ac units can be great idea.

This blocks natural lighting and you don’t want to prevent sunlight from entering the home in the morning.

Add insulation

The heating won’t help uif the house leaks the warmth. Prevent leaks by plugging gaps and other problems. So that heat doesn’t esca[pe the room and keeps it warm all the time.

Use smart power strips in your home

It’s cooler in the winter.

With temperatures dropping a lot in the winter, you might want to stay inside your home more. If you’re inside you also might be playing more video games as well. That’s not a problem.

However even when off these consume power and a smart power strip can switch of these devices when not running and save off bills.

12. Be mindful of how you cook food

With winters approaching the mood tends to change to soups or fatty dishes. Satisfy those cravings but cook in a way that saves energy,

A slow cooker uses much less energy and uses the power of residual heat to cook food. It uses just slightly more than a bulb.

Air drying clothes saves a lot of bills in the winter.

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